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yellow splitter guards eBay

People are paying over $100 for Dodge yellow splitter guard protectors on eBay

Yellow Splitter guards on Dodge Challengers, Chargers, etc. have gotten so popular, people are going out of their way to buy a pair they...
Saturn Vue Honda Engine

Yes, some GM built Saturn Vue SUV’s came with J-Series Honda V6 engines

It's true, due to an agreement in 1999 some GM made Saturn Vue SUV's came with Honda V6 engines between 2004-2007. Cars and what they...
Lucas Oil Display

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer demo display was the original fidget spinner

Do you remember that Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer demo with the gears you'd spin 'round and 'round while you waited for Pops to...
Northstar V8

How Cadillac’s Northstar V8 turns into an air-cooled engine to prevent overheating

Did you know that you could technically drain every drop of coolant from a Cadillac Northstar engine and still drive home without causing ANY damage? Despite...
GM rear diff fluid

The strange yet logical reason GM 75W-90 rear diff lube smells like grapes

If you've ever had to change the rear differential fluid on a late-model GM truck, car, or SUV, you've probably had to buy some...