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SEMA 2018: Lexus actually made a wine car

Lexus wine car
Lexus made a wine car...nice

I can’t believe someone actually signed off on this for SEMA but Lexus is bringing one of its sedans and they’ve outfitted it with fridge for your booze so you can not drink and drive?

Do you more than one DUI on your driving record and are a Lexus fan? Then, please look away from this post because Lexus lowkey will enable your stupid decisions with their latest build for SEMA. As per Lexus in an official press release before SEMA they dropped earlier today (Oct. 29,2018) one of the five cars they’re bringing to SEMA has its own wine cooler along with space for your wine glasses. Check out a couple of photos of that rolling DUI and some other of their concepts below.

First off, most of these cars are only slightly modified and only keen eyes will notice any differences between stock equivalents and these modified ones so the devil’s in the details.

The first one, a 2019 Lexus ES 350 F Sport sports a wine-colored metallic red paint, Artisan Spirit Aero Kit, Rays wheels and that aforementioned Wine refrigerator, glass and bottle holder, along with all the custom oak flooring and oak barrel accents you’d expect to see in a winery. Again, what a foolish combo, but OK. This is almost as asinine as their Sriracha Lexus from two years ago.

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There’s a 2019 Lexus RC 350 F Sport Cross Country Custom which, as the name implies, has been driving across the country from Miami to Las Vegas getting mods along the way. It’s also getting some sort of mods at SEMA.

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Then there’s this 2019 Lexus UX 250h wrapped in a very bright blue and sporting a NIA Auto Design ABS Lip kit along with a host of Apexi N1 parts.

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Also on display is this 2018 Lexus LS F Sport with a custom gray wrap flexing with another Artisan Spirit Aero Kit and dumped on 22″ Work Wheels.

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Finally, an actual head turner is this Lexus LX500 Inspiration Series Concept with a neck-breakingĀ Flare yellow Paint and bespoke white interior. The beast of a V8 underneath the hood remains untouched but at least now, it has an eye-catching look to further complement its performance.

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SEMA officially kicks off tomorrow and runs through Nov. 2 so expect to see a bunch of posts about SEMA hitting your social media timeline soon enough.

Source: Lexus


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