Mercedes has a new E-Active Body Control on the 2019 Mercedes GLE and…bear with me…it low-key sounds like two people doing the dirty if you manipulate it just right.

Motor Trend journalist Jonny Lieberman got his hands on a new Mercedes GLE with E-active body control and enabled its Free-driving mode on a straight road. Normally, this Free-driving mode is for extreme sandy surfaces but if you use it on said straight road, hilarity ensues. Check out his hilarious video below! Are the videos below not working? Here’s a mirror just in case.


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Hard to explain how insanely cool this suspension is. It’s called E-Active Body Control. Just watch. #mercedes #gle #eabc

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Active Body Control, repairing this marvel of engineering has put many a mechanic’s kids through college but when it’s working correctly, it’s one of the most amazing innovations that goes beyond the damper and spring.

According to Mercedes in the official press release they put out for the Mercedes GLE, now, there’s a new Active Body Control dubbed E-Active Body Control which combines their Airmatic air suspension with their hydropneumatic 48V system. With its bevy of sensors monitoring road conditions, E-ABC enables total or individual wheel manipulation up and down including firmness within milliseconds.

The mode Johnny Lieberman is using is called Free-Driving mode and is a totally new function for Active Body Control. Basically, the hydraulic system raises your GLE up and down rapidly which “changes the ground pressure of the tires and therefore improves traction.”

It looks like you can enable Free-Driving mode whether you’re in some sandy mush or not, which is what Lieberman did.

Mainly, E-Active body control is used to counteract against body roll as well as pitching and squat during extreme acceleration and braking maneuvers. Mostly tuned for comfort, Mercedes also programmed E-ABC for performance purposes as well. Its Curve Inclination function allows any Mercedes equipped with E-ABC the ability to lean into corners like a motorcycle.

With a stereo multi-purpose camera, E-ABC can also react to road imperfections before your tires drive over them.

It’s some very trick stuff that you’ll probably never even think about.

But, if you’re messing around with your mates and you know your GLE has active body control equipped ( If you can pop the hood, a dead giveaway are the electric leads on top of the struts. ), feel free to enable free-driving mode like some sort of party trick.

I know I would!


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