This Toyota Prius driver wasn’t letting his hybrid c**k block him into not enjoying a bit of afternoon delight.

The next time your friends give you crap about what you drive and how those wheels will never get you laid, go ahead and show them this video. According to @CyroneCG’s driveby video that’s gone viral in the hybrid community, this Toyota Prius driver wasn’t coy about where he made love to his fair lady, he was giving her the business in the back seats of his gas sipper.

Oh ya, and it’s Wednesday, A.K.A. hump day, so har har.

Check out the video for yourself below, or not.

It’s not at all hard to tell what this couple is up to and frankly, I don’t think they give two sh**ts what anyone else thinks too, but there you have it, plain as day.

Toyota says they give passengers a total of 96.2 cubic ft. to work with and I guess, if you want to get busy, that’s just enough space.

As my title says, the man’s clearly enjoying himself, however, the jury’s still out if his partner reciprocates the feeling. As several commenting online point out, that very well might be a dude lying down, no judgments here.

As I’m writing this, it’s a searing 100 degrees just outside my office window so perhaps this pair in heat sought out the nearest and coolest location to express themselves. A Toyota Prius with the air-conditioner running would be just such a place.

Or maybe they simply don’t have much time and their lunch break is the only slice of pie in the busy schedule that is the dual-income millennial family they have to themselves.

Your guess is as good as mine at this point, I’m just trying to drag this blog post out.

All I’m saying is if you’re going to go to pound town in the back of your Prius, at least drive somewhere with a bit more privacy so we don’t have to wash our eyes out with eye bleach. Thanks.

Have you seen anything more egregious in your life? Let me know your .02, or not, in the comments below.


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