This Mt. Sac student found sticky honey dripped all over her car door handle and her windshield wipers up. Security warned her it might be because of sex traffickers.

Imagine you return to your car and find your windshield wipers are up and a sticky substance on your car door handles. You think to yourself, it’s probably pranksters, and while that’s a possibility, there might be a sinister reason behind it.

That’s what happened to a Mt. Sac student earlier today (Nov. 20,2019) when she returned to her car and found honey on her door handles and her wipers up, as if someone was pulling a prank on her.

Here’s the tweet from her boyfriend showing what she returned to.

Concerned, she called campus security. What they told her next shocked her. According to Mt. Sac campus police this is a common tactic by sex traffickers in the area. Sex and human traffickers target young women, setting up small inconveniences to distract them.

Here, this young woman might’ve been annoyed, stopped to lower her wipers and took some time to clean the honey off her car. Unbeknownst to her, someone might’ve been watching her from a distance, and, seeing her distracted, might take that opportunity to kidnap her.

This is not the first time this happened to someone in the area. The boyfriend RT’d this reply from someone who experienced a similar tactic.

According to a case of alleged sex trafficking in Flint, MI in 2017, sex traffickers use many tactics to distract women including

  • Wrapping a shirt around your wipers.
  • Closing your mirrors.
  • Placing flyers under your wipers.
  • Basically, anything to stop you from getting in your car and driving off normally.

If you return to your car and notice something is off like a shirt purposely wrapped around your wipers, or flyers only on your car but not others, calling local authorities to make a report is a good idea.

That might be your local campus police, the actual police, or a nearby parking attendant for a sense of security. Reporting something fishy might help local authorities establish a pattern with similar occurrences in the area.

Sex and human trafficking sounds like a third world problem, but it is a huge issue, especially in California. Just because you might live in a well-to-do area doesn’t make you immune from seedy individuals tied to organized crime.

Please, share this story with anyone and everyone who might benefit from this information.



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