Orange County Fire Department reports that one male was transported to a local hospital in stable condition.

This is a developing story and we’ll post updates as we learn more about this Tesla Model X fire. If you’re from Formula Derp, nothing more to report than you already know.

Update 6/18/2020 – @FormulaDerp and @OFCA_PIO both took down their posts for some reason. Still no updates from Sam or Stina from both their social media accounts.

According to Formula Drift Insider-on-Instagram @FormulaDerp in an APB to fans earlier today (June 16,2020) a Tesla Model X matching Swedish driver Samuel Hubinette’s own Tesla was involved in a single vehicle traffic collision that led to a fire. Pictures shared by the Orange County Fire Department shows the extent of the damage, literally little remains except a bit of frame and one or two wheels.

No one is sure if Sam himself was driving but OCFA further reports that one male patient was transported to a local hospital in stable condition.

Check out Formula Derp’s post and the posts from @OCFA_PIO below.

Sam Hubinette’s Tesla Model X burned to a crisp

According to The Orange, Sam and his wife Stina have a home in Aliso Viejo, less than four miles away from the scene of the collision.

Here’s the collision location on Google Maps.

Drift fans wouldn’t have given this Tesla Model X a second look but the matte black paint job and bronze Fittipaldi Wheels looked a lot like Hubinette’s own Tesla Model X. Zoom in close enough and you can see the Fittipaldi “F” logos in the burned Tesla.

Sam shared a couple of photos of what his Tesla Model X looks like with fresh wheels installed earlier this year.

Samuel Hubinette is known in recent times for co-founding a stunt driving company with his wife and filling his resume with stunts for movies and commercials. Some of Sam’s latest stunt driving is featured in 2019’s’ Ford Vs. Ferrari.

Before that, Sam is most known in the states for being an OG drifter, winning Formula D championships in its inaugural year in 2004, and again in 2006 in a Mopar sponsored Dodge Viper.

Whoever was driving that Tesla Model X, we wish them a speedy recovery!

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