You’d think they’d vacate the gas station with a literal dumpster fire rolling towards it, but dozens milled around.

It’s the third night of protests (Aug 25,2020) in Kenosha, Wisconsin as locals and protesters from out-of-town express their outrage over the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Dozens of protesters were caught on camera lighting a dumpster on fire with an accelerant and rolling the dumpster further towards a Marathon gas station nearby.

Just blocks away, at least two rioters were caught on camera deliberately throwing rocks and swinging bats at several parked used cars.

Check out those videos below.

Here’s where most of the fires as of this writing were centered, around the 6000 block of Sheridan Road in the heart of Kenosha.

Amid the mayhem shots rang out with unconfirmed reports that at least three people were hit.

Just a few blocks away, near the epicenter of the protest, police and protesters faced off against each other despite warning from the National Guard to disperse.

Fences were toppled over and projectiles like water bottles and fireworks were thrown at police, and, in retaliation, police fired rubber bullets back at them.

This all comes in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake earlier last weekend in plain view of his kids. Fortunately, Blake survived, but confirmation came from his attorney that Blake might permanently be paralyzed from the waist down.

Blake’s family does plan to file a civil lawsuit against the Kenosha police department.

Blake’s mother did mention to the press these violent protests aren’t reflective of Blake, urging those upset at police to reconsider their next steps and to protest peacefully.

With protests unlikely to bring any immediate justice against those officers involved in the shooting since the wheels of due process aren’t exactly fast moving, we’ll unfortunately see several more nights of unruly behaviour and further damage to local property.


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