And this was after waiting 18-months

Professional driver, race car builder, and owner of the Chuckles Garage Youtube Channel Scott Birdsall is getting the word out that his good friend and Sonoma County Realtor Dan Barlow was essentially played for a fool by Audi of Marin. According to Birdsall, Barlow negotiated a deal to pay MSRP on a 2021 Audi RS6 and “sealed the deal” by putting down a deposit. After waiting 18-months to pick up his 591 HP super car slaying wagon, Audi of Marin allegedly resended their original offer and said Barlow could have the RS6 Avant after agreeing to pay another $30,000 on top of the original agreed upon price.

According to one theory floating around on social media, the only way Audi Marin could allegedly secure one of these RS6 Avants in the first place is if they had a deposit to show Audi. If that theory is true, based on their actions, Audi Marin never truly was going to honor the initial deal.

Check out the post from @ChucklesGarage below.

If you didn’t already know, the 2021 Audi RS6 Avant is the hottest Audi, and possibly the hottest car as of right now. This is the first time Audi is offering an RS performance wagon in the United States.

Base RS6 Avants start at around $110,000

With a turbocharged V8 capable of 591 peak HP, enough to propel this 5,000 pound wagon to 60 MPH in about 3 seconds, it’s no wonder potential shoppers are slamming down deposits as quick as they can.

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Popular Youtubers like Adam LZ even got his hands on one.

It’s my opinion that dealerships have the right to add on an ADM, otherwise known as an added dealer markup. The MSRP is the manufactures SUGGESTED retail price and tacking on a little on top helps dealerships align the MSRP with its true market price, keeping a realistic lot inventory.

But if what Birdsall said is 100 percent true, this is another deal entirely. Typically, in these situations there is no paperwork yet signed, and it’s within the dealerships right to take back their offer, giving your deposit back, no harm, no foul.

Probably Audi of Marin realized how much people are actually paying, talked it over with legal counsel, and decided it was in their best interest to “stiff” Barlow.

It’s also within the right of Barlow, Birdsall, and others (this blog included) to warn other shoppers how unscrupulous and, for the lack of a better word, scummy, this is.

It’s bad enough Audi Marin added a markup, but to let someone wait 18-months of his life, tie up his deposit, and then to leave him hanging, it’s not right.

Audi of Marin, this is no way to build partnerships in your local community. I’m sure you’re betting this will all blow over, but what if it doesn’t? Is it worth $30,000 if someone potentially shops elsewhere after hearing how you treat possible customers?

As for Audi Corporate, word is they want nothing to do with this situation and have left Barlow to find some sort of justice on his own (with your help, of course.)

If you’re reading this, you’re considering an Audi or know someone that is, feel free to direct them to any other Audi dealership within a stone’s throw of Marin Audi because the Bay Area is peppered with them.

Also, Birdsell’s requested you upvote his Google Review of Audi Marin, linked here.

Audi Marin, do the right thing and honor your original deal!


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