A judge will decide if his Supra should be permanently seized, auctioned, or crushed.

Charlotte-based car enthusiast and Youtuber Corey Sanders, who goes by @SandersThaGod on Instagram, watched helplessly earlier this week (May 6,2021) as a towing company, under orders from the Charlotte District Attorney and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, legally seized his 2021 Toyota GR Supra.

Sanders was one of 54 people, his Supra one of sixty cars, that police handed charges to with one or more of their cars impounded as part of a larger sting operation linked to a six-month task force meant to curb and punish illegal street racing.

That wasn’t the last time he saw his Supra that day because the CMPD included his Supra in a police statement broadcast on Facebook and later aired on Evening News.

Oh, and it was his birthday.

Check out his post and Instagram stories from that day below.

SandersThaGod Supra

And here’s CMPD’s news conference on their efforts later that day.

Can you Spot Sanders’s Supra?

According to WSOC-TV, Thursday (May 6) marked the culmination of a six month long, multi-department investigation, a lot of the times undercover, to address rampant street racing in the Charlotte, N.C. area.

After several complaints, CMPD collaborated with their local State Highway patrol, Sherrif’s offices and other local PDs to concentrate their efforts in key, hot-spot areas. Over half a year, some rough numbers included,

2,500 traffic stops that netted,

  • Nearly 2,100 speeding violations
  • 400 reckless driving violations
  • 32 DWI violations
  • 10 spontaneous racing violations

Most importantly, CMPD went after the source of the problem, those actively involved organizing street racing and hoon-type activities (side shows.) CMPD identified 54 individuals and 60 cars, most slapped with multiple charges, Sanders included.

“CMPD said it worked with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office where a Grand Jury indictment was made on 54 suspects, and warrants were issued for the charge of pre-arranged racing. “

To get a Grand Jury Indictment, presumably, mountains of evidence were obtained including in-person video. Sanders claims that CMPD “has been secretly attending meets/races all year long, taking videos of people who would lineup.”

WBTV’s report on this story included two videos provided by CMPD uploaded to youtube as one of those first-person pieces of evidence. It’s possible undercover CMPD were the ones that shot and uploaded said video, one example posted below.

According to North Carolina law via Browning Long Law, pre-arranged racing is a Class 1 misdemeanor with penalties including fines, probation and jail time. The Judge can also revoke your license for three years and your seized vehicle can legally be crushed.

Crushed is what one North Carolina Sherrif in Gates County fully intends to do to street racing scofflaws in his neck of the woods. Back in February, The Virginian Pilot quoted Gates County Sherriff Ray Campbell saying,

“I fully intend to take it (impounded cars) to the scrap yard and mash it flat as a pancake.”

Since CMPD is clearly making scapegoats out of those charged with pre-arranged racing, having their cars, GR Supra included, crushed, sounds likely.

As of this writing, Sanders still does not know what’s to become of his Supra.

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