“It’s no invisible jet, but I guess it will do.”

It looks like 36-year-old Israeli actress Gal Gadot has a new-to-her classic ride for the summer while she’s in Los Angeles. Gadot dropped a subtle pair of photos on social media earlier today (June 6, 2021) gushing over what’s presumably her new ’60s Ford Mustang Convertible complete with Wonder Woman touches.

Check out her photos below.

We’re not sure who did the custom work but it’s not local tuners to the stars West Coast Customs seeing they haven’t made any recent Gadot-related announcements. My guess is it’s a gift from her Fast and Furious family ahead of F9’s United States release. Giesele, Gadot’s charectar, was written off before she started work on her Wonder Woman franchise.

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Solely based on the photos you’ll notice the canvas stitching on-top of the door, a telltale sign this is a drop-top convertible, a pre-requisite for any Ford Mustang meant for cruising Hollywood and Highland.

On the floor is an automatic shifter and a bog-standard PRND21 shift pattern which means this Mustang probably has a 3-speed slush box. Under the hood, your guess is as good as mine. These Mustangs came with bargain-basement 250 cu. in inline-6s all the way up to fire-breathing 429 cu. in V8s. Whatever’s under there better have modern fuel injection because we can’t have Gadot stalling out at Whole Foods.

Inside, almost anything analog is upgraded to modern digital equivalents, most notably the gauges and infotainment center. I say almost because Gadot still has to crank her own windows. But, it’s a convertible so she probably crank too often.

And, customizing without going too kitschy, there’s Wonder Woman badging on the door’s sill plate, steering wheel, and below the infotainment system just to remind Gadot what she’s known for.

The Mustang’s a timely gift considering Wonder Woman 3 was just announced, reprising her role as the modern Princess Diana of Themyscira.

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Once we get more info and photos, we’ll update you with all the deets.

This classic Ford Mustang is in stark contrast to the rest of her stable. According to HotCars.com, Gadot’s enjoys romping the loud pedal in her Jaguar F-Type, BMW X5 M, and Tesla Model X (if it made any noise.)

Perhaps Gadot needed something a little more relaxing to cruise around in ahead of the coming of her third child and the mountain of filming she has in front of her.

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