Schaub was riding his own philanthropic high after buying his mother-in-law a house a few days earlier.

Apparently if you’re Hollywood elite, the only gift good enough to give your family, friends, and close work associates is a house or better. At least that’s what comedian Brendan Schaub thinks.

Schaub recently shared with his followers that, after saving for five years, he finally had enough money to buy his Mother-in-Law a house nearer to where they lived since she lived two hours away.

Schaub then went on his own podcast and the Adam Carolla show and worked in both times how the Rock’s then gift of a new, lifted Ford F-150 to Tanoai Reed, his long time stunt double and distant cousin, was, in so many words, not good enough.

Here’s Schaub revealing to his mother-in-law her new-to-her house in Southern California, posted to his TikTok below.


After 5 yrs of grinding I finally checked a big goal of mine off the list. Bought mama a house. ???????? ❤️

♬ original sound – Brendan Schaub

And here are the segments Schaub throws shade at The Rock on his own podcast and the Adam Carolla Show, already fast-forwarded to that part below.

It’s not like Schaub had it out for The Rock, far from it. If anything, it was his guest, Big Jay Oakerson, who coaxed the anecdote out of him.

Oakerson recounts how DC Comedian and Instagram star DC Young Fly bought his Mom a house, but apparently the new place wasn’t worthy of a video reveal.

“I thought it was funny,” Oakerson says. “I don’t know if it was supposed to be but, comedian DC Young Fly bought his Mom a house, but he got her like a row house…it’s like I (Le Bron James) just got you (James’s Mom) a Buick Enclave.”

Here’s the Instagram post from DC Young fly with the emotional reveal below. Doesn’t look like row house to me.

Schaub then compares DC Young Fly’s not good enough gift to how, as mentioned, The Rock gifted a new, lifted truck to his longtime stunt double Tanaoi Reed.

“That was like when The Rock was like. The video starts kind of like mine to be honest, and he’s all, “You know, my body double, my stunt worker, he been with me for 10 years. He’s broken ribs, he broke his neck, he broke both legs, and today I give him a Ford F-150″….aren’t you sponsored by them?”

Schaub, as posted above, did a similar joke on the Adam Carolla Podcast.

And for reference, here’s Johnson’s post on Instagram revealing to his stunt double Reed his new truck.

Schuab was technically correct about Johnson being sponsored by Ford as, sometime in 2015, Johnson and Ford inked a deal reportedly worth $15 Million.

Then again, one-upping someone’s philanthropic act based on one gift five years ago is a bit of a cheap shot (no pun intended) when you consider the rest of The Rock’s gift giving record

On top of all this gift giving, The Rock has his Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation which, since 2006, has been helping terminally ill children.

To circle back to Reed, on top of his new truck, The Rock, due to budget constraints, personally committed to paying Reed’s Stuntman’s salary during filming of Gridiron Gang in 2021.

Johnson clearly has Reed’s back and would presumably help him out in any way if he ever needed it.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s a hierarchy to The Rock’s gift giving, it’s houses for immediate family and cousins and new cars for everyone else.

Besides, Reed and his family reportedly lives in Hawaii and, re his posts, seems to be doing pretty good for himself.

Sure, The Rock could’ve given Reed something more expensive, the man can clearly afford it, but to imply that the Rock’s being a bit cheap is a stretch considering everyone else he helps.

Until Schaub can gift multiple houses, cars, and his own charitable foundation, I don’t think he’s in a position to judge other’s gift giving.


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