Why you should save your money and steer clear of this anti-snow removal device.

If you’ve scrolled through X/Twitter or on another social media platform this winter, you’ve probably come across this cool looking disc shaped device called an Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze and Anti-Snow Removal Device.

Screenshots from this car snow removal device on the most popular Twitter video touting it.

Priced between $9-20, this device claims to remove all the snow on your windshield and entire car in a matter of minutes. Battery powered and charged by solar energy, you just place it on your dashboard and when the device detects freezing temperature, it gets to work.

I’ve archived an example of a website selling it linked here, screenshot the website below, and I copied the most popular video from Twitter and posted it below, too.


Does this Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Device actually work, or is it just a scam?

Well, it’s 100 percent a scam product that doesn’t work, and here’s why.

What actually is an Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Snow Removal Device?

Without looking up the term, it sounds like this device sends some kind of radio-like waves out to break down snow particles from the inside out.

But, when I googled what exactly Electromagnetic Molecular Interference is, not only didn’t Google not know, artificial intelligence didn’t recognize the phrase either (Chat GPT.)

Chat GPT and Electromagnetic Molecular Interference

Electromagnetic Molecular Interference is just a mishmash, made up term made to sound scientific when it’s actually nothing at all.

What do you get in the mail, then?

Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for people who bought them, there are warnings and bad reviews left on sites like Amazon warning prospective buyers not to buy this.

Here’s a screenshot of reviews from Amazon for one of these Antifreeze Instruments.

Amazon reviews for the “Antifreeze Snow Removal Instrument, Anti-Freeze Electromagnetic Car Snow Removal Device, Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Antifreeze Snow Removal(1 Pcs, Black).”

It turns out it’s nothing but an air freshener that uses a tiny, solar-powered fan to circulate whatever generic fragrance it comes with.

Even worse, you can find it on sites like Alibaba for a fraction of the price under its real name, Solar Powered Rotating Car Perfume.


All you’ll get in the mail is a cheap air freshener that does not remove snow.

How the scam works

How this Electromagnetic Molecular Interference Anti-Snow Removal Device scam works is some scammer buys thousands of these devices in bulk from sites like Alibaba for between $2-3 a piece.

This one on Alibaba doesn’t even call it an air freshener, but instead calls it by its scam name.

They then create a website and ad marketing campaign on Twitter and other social media sites selling you on its snow removing properties, marking it up by 10x.

Scam tweet.

Since they’re fly-by-night operations, and you’re out, at most, about $25 if you buy one, they’re counting on you not initiating a chargeback through your credit card or bank.

What should l do if I bought one of these devices?

If you accidentally bought one of these devices, you can try, but I wouldn’t recommend even bothering trying to get a refund from them.

If you paid by Credit Card, initiate a chargeback ASAP.

If you paid by debit/bank, call your bank’s customer service and ask them what you can do. Perhaps their anti-fraud department can help you out.

If you don’t mind sharing on your own social media, warn others about this scam product. Chances are you live in a place with a lot of snow, and others can benefit from this anti-scam tip.

What are some actual quick ways to remove snow off your car or windshield?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any plug-and-play type of devices that can remove so much snow in a matter of seconds.

There are, however, a couple of handy tips and devices that enable you to remove large amounts of snow in not that much time.

These windshield blankets are one of the more popular hacks, just place it on your windshield when you get home and, when you wake up in the morning, unclip it and slough that snow off.


They even make larger ones to cover all your windows.


If it’s just a bunch of light snow, a leaf blower might do the trick.

But, if you don’t buy any blankets, and it’s thick snow, the tried and true methods of push broom, snow brush, and ice scraper are your best bets.

It may be more manual than you like, but it is what it is.


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