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Steve Mnuchin parked in disabled parking spot

Steven Mnuchin spotted in Brentwood taking up disabled parking spot in his Porsche Taycan

If you need another reason not to like the former Sec Treas, add this to your list. If you drive an attention grabbing car (especially...
Street Racing legal in Bakersfield

Is street racing legal in Bakersfield on certain days?

A post from the "City of Bakersfield, CA City Hall" Facebook page says there's a good chance. A Facebook post from the self-proclaimed "City...
NSX Power Unit Layout

Would the Acura NSX be faster without its heavy hybrid system?

Did the hybrid system add enough power to offset the hundreds of pounds added? Scrolling through Twitter earlier today and I came across an...
2022 BRZ engine

2022 Subaru BRZ has such low horsepower dealership training says emphasize its low curb...

It's all about power-to-weight and in a lot of ways the dealership training is true. When Subaru announced a new, faster BRZ was on the...
Mystery car jumps rope in Allstate commercial

What’s that car in the Allstate commercial where the car’s jumping through a jump...

I'll give you a hint: It's a common car found in the United States, but it's the Euro version. Back in July 2021, Allstate...
Washing your car with dish soap

Can I wash my car with dish soap?

Here's why washing your car with dish soap once in a while is OK and actually recommended sometimes. We've all heard that car washing...

Blank gas station pump without screen, buttons, or hose installed looks disturbingly confusing

Once you see the complete picture, it makes a lot more sense. Roll up to any gas pump and you expect the same user...
Grandma buys 2021 Honda Civic Type R

Grandma buys 2021 Honda Civic Type R

Mee maw about to flex on her Grandson. "That's a nice Civic Si, sweety." Think of retirement cars and images of cushy-riding Buick LaCrosses, Toyota...
EcoBox Fuel Saver Scam

Does the EcoBox fuel saver work?

The device claims to save you 30-35 percent on fuel costs, but here's why it's a scam and doesn't actually work. I clicked on a...

Where is H2Oi 2021 and is it cancelled?

While H2OI 2021 is technically not cancelled, here's what to expect. While the officially recognized H2Oi tried to rebrand itself, starting its own official meet...
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