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Why was AB-1824’s exhaust law amendment even put in to begin with?

If you're wondering why AB-1824 was voted through, without so much as a peep of opposition, this is why. Like a good majority of automotive...
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How to support AB-390 before it heads to California Committee on Transportation.

AB-390, a bill specifically introduced to repeal the part of AB-1824 taking away fix-it tickets, is officially assigned to the Committee on Transportation. Earlier yesterday...
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California AB-390 is a bill that will reverse AB-1824’s exhaust law amendment

Here's everything you need to know about California AB-390 and some further clarification on how it will reverse AB-1824. ***Update 3/26/2019- "Good news! I've heard and...
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California Assembly Members introduce bill to bring back fix-it tickets for exhaust violations

Thanks to SEMA, California Assembly Members introduced A.B. 390, a bill to specifically repeal part of A.B. 1824 passed last year that took away...