Two practically new 1987 Buick Grand Nationals were found stuffed away in one Oklahoma city.

This type of barn find gives us classic car enthusiasts faith that there are still plenty of rare untouched car unicorns to be found. According to a couple of good ol’ GM enthusiasts at GM EFI on their post earlier today (Apr 5,2017) a pair of practically brand new 1987 Buick Grand Nationals were unearthed in a sleepy Oklahoma town. Check out a couple of photos of both of these rare classics circulating on social media below.

The story goes that William Avila, a Buick Enthusiast, ran across a tip that there was a pair of 1987 Buick Grand Nationals sitting idly by in a garage somewhere in Oklahoma. His buddy Sean was interested in buying both. After making a 3.5-hour drive to see both cars, both Sean and Will confirmed that not only were both these cars legitimate Buick Grand Nationals without a flaw, but they had only a few hundred miles on each. One GN had 592 miles and the second one had 807 miles. Both VIN numbers were consecutive meaning they rolled off the factory floor one after another.

The initial asking price was $200,000 for the pair, which was extremely off-putting, high, and a potential sales killer. After playing hot and cold with the seller it looks like Sean was able to talk him down to a quarter of that asking price. 

Sean insists that both will be restored to its original glory, which won’t mean much as they are both pristine examples.

Although there were thousands of Buick Grand Nationals made and they aren’t exactly rare ( they were 20,000 plus made in ’87 alone) they still fetch a pretty penny. Hemmings has a couple that are being offered for between $20-60 thousand each.

The 1980’s were a tumultuous time for performance muscle in America. With emissions squeezing engines, turbocharging was a viable solution albeit archaic when compared to today. 235 HP and 335 lb-ft might not sound like much but in 1987, that was pretty impressive.

This is only the beginning of the story and there will be more to this pair of BN’s as both are restored. We’ll keep you up-to-date on major developments soon.


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