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Hydrogen station Hayward

True Zero Founder renews commitment to FCV drivers, sheds light on NorCal Hydrogen shortage

True Zero Founder and CDO Shane Stephens made a press release of sorts on a Honda Clarity Owner's Facebook group updating FCV...
Iwatani Hydrogen Station

NorCal H2 Shortage still ongoing three months after Santa Clara Air Products explosion

It'll be 12 weeks and counting since an explosion at an Air Products Hydrogen manufacturing and distribution facility left half of Northern California Fuel...

Iwatani & True Zero showing exemplary customer service during NorCal H2 shortage

Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai owners, although outraged over weeks long FCV Hydrogen shortage, do recognize how well Iwatani and True Zero are proactively...
H2 Cars Iwatani Hydrogen station

Line of Hydrogen cars form at Iwatani stations as NorCal H2 supply shortage hits

Close to a half dozen Hydrogen powered cars can be seen on camera as this Honda Clarity FCV owner waited her turn to fill...
H2 Supply Shortage Santa Clara

H2 supply shortage hits N. California again, Air Products distribution trailer explodes

Fuel Cell Vehicle owners in Northern California are going through their second H2 Supply Shortage this year due to an explosion at a nearby...
First Nexo in Northern California

Hyundai delivers first Northern California 2019 Nexo but there’s nowhere to refuel it

At no fault of their own, Hyundai launched its first 2019 Nexo in Northern California, which, at this moment, is currently in the middle...
Hydrogen station Hayward

Hydrogen supply shortage for fuel cell vehicles hits Northern California

Northern California fuel cell vehicle lessees can't fill up their hydrogen cars like they normally do because of a supply shortage. It's mayhem for Fuel Cell...
Clarity Fuel Cell

Up to 1,000 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicles recalled for Fuel Cell Stack Degradation

It looks like early adopters of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle are being hit with a recall for a repair that can take...
Nexo in California

Hyundai Nexo arrives in SoCal. Will another Hydrogen car strain H2 supplies further?

The Hyundai Nexo means Mirai and Clarity drivers will have to compete with Hyundai's at the pump. Today was another watershed moment for Hydrogen car...

1,000 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicles recalled: Total loss of motor power possible

This will be the second official recall Honda issued for the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle since its introduction. Honda hasn't officially announced it through...