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When is Acura going to reveal the ILX replacement?

An Acura insider says we won't have to wait much longer Earlier last year, an Acura powerpoint presentation was leaked with the brand's rough timeline...

Toyota ending Yaris Hatch & Sedan production for United States by end of June

This will end 15 years of Toyota Yaris Hatchback and Sedan sales in the United States An alleged leaked memo from Toyota to All Southeast...

2021 Honda Civic Type R mid-cycle refresh means new aero, better cooling, power &...

Fresh rumors for the Honda Civic Type R mid-cycle refresh have Honda improving this best-in-class hot hatch, addressing weak points. Half a dozen rumors...

Unofficial: Honda Fit discontinued in United States by 2021

It's looking more and more like it. Honda is developing a new Honda Fit,a fourth generation the United States probably won't get. With spy...
Indy Yellow Pearl NSX

Rumor: 2020 Acura NSX gets 8% more power, marks the return of Indy Yellow...

This NSX Rumormonger on Temple Of VTEC says the new NSX gets a shade of yellow and more power. I say, "Bring it on!" It's...
ThreePiece StyleUP

ThreePiece.US founder exposed as owner of VS-KF knockoff maker Style Up! Wheels

The owner of ThreePiece.us and Style Up Wheels are one and the same. According to authentic parts and wheels reseller @TheWheelPlug on his Instagram posts...
Honda Acura Illuminated emblems

Patent filing rumor: Acura might add illuminated emblems both outside and inside

Acura is taking a page from Mercedes and might add illuminated emblems as an option. Emblems haven't changed much since the beginning of the automobile...
Honda Vision Sport Gran Turismo

S2000’s return? Bigger & more powerful Honda S660 to rival Toyota MR2 in the...

The rumor mills are a'churnin and it looks like Honda might further develop the Honda S660 and make it larger, with more power and it...
Acura Hypercar

3rd Generation Acura NSX might be a 1000 HP hypercar with FCEV variant

Acura is allegedly already working on the next generation Acura NSX and this time it's punching up a class as a full-fledged hypercar with...
2020 Acura Legend

Rendered: This is what a 2020 Acura Legend could look like

If you yearn for the days when Acura made a good looking coupe (with two doors) that's not the Integra, look no further than...
2020 Hyundai Sonata rendered

2020 Hyundai Sonata rendered: are sleek looks enough to sway back sedan buyers?

We know Hyundai is developing a new generation of Sonata because there are spy shots floating around but what will this eighth generation Hyundai...
2020 NSX Type R

Breaking: 2020 NSX Type R possibly spotted testing in France

A variant of the NC1 NSX believed to be the new NSX Type R was spotted hot-footing it on a freeway in France. Those angular...
third gen NSX

Rumor: Next gen Acura NSX will be a 1000+ HP four-motor all-electric supercar

Rumor has it that the third-gen Acura NSX will be all-electric and will pack some serious punch with all its power going to all...
Mustang Sedan

Rumor: 2020 Ford Mustang Sedan with Modular V8 in the works

Ford may have focused more on crossovers than cars but that doesn't mean they're abandoning the segment altogether. Earlier this month I blogged about how...

Rumor: 2022 Toyota MR2 is all-electric, marks the return of Toyota’s MR Sports car

These plucky Brits reckon the MR-2 is coming back sometime in the next couple of years...as a pure electric car and I tend to...
2019 Honda Civic Type R base

Rumor: Lighter, faster, and cheaper 2019 Honda Civic Type R base model to debut

Plans for the 2019 Honda Civic Type R are dynamic and changing, but always for the benefit of the consumer. If this latest rumor based...
Civic Si

Rumor Alert: 2019 Honda Civic Si also getting mid-cycle refresh

You better believe Honda is going to give their Civic Si a mid-cycle refresh to keep it in line with the rest of the...
Honda Accord

Rumor Alert: 2019 Honda Accord 1.5T Touring Trim to be discontinued

Honda is slimming down its Honda Accord trim variants and its sayonara to the 1.5T Touring. The new Honda Accord 1.5T Touring trim has always...
hr-v logo

Rumor alert: 2020 Honda HR-V gets more power, hybrid assist, and better platform

If this latest rumor is right, the 2020 Honda HR-V gets more power, some hybrid tech, and a better platform. Honda HR-V's aren't selling so...
Honda Prelude

Rumor Mill: Honda Prelude returns in 2019

It's been 17 years since the 5th gen Honda Prelude ended production but these guys over in Japan think that 2019 marks its return. Rumors...
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