All signs point to Acura one-upping their SLX Restomod with something big.

Acura’s had quite the last few days with their debut of the swan song NSX Type-S and announcing the revival of the Integra nameplate for 2022.

Naturally, eager car enthusiasts are wondering when will Acura take the covers off its Integra in either concept or near-production form.

A tweet from Radwood Co-Founder Bradley Brownell, the morning after the Integra announcement, strongly hints that Acura is cooking up something big for Radwood SoCal around the time we’d expect Acura to show us something connected to Integra before its 2022 introduction.

Here’s the tweet below.

Why an Integra concept debut at Radwood sort of makes sense.

If you didn’t already know, Radwood, as the name hints, is a carshow celebrating the 80s and 90s lifestyle.

Acura, keen on connecting with the youths, smartly partnered with Radwood SoCal as title sponsor for 2019 and their upcoming 2021 SoCal show.

Two years ago, Acura brought out their aforementioned Acura SLX Restomod, a passion project for company engineers, that married the engine and drivetrain from an RDX into Acura’s first SUV.

Acura takes Radwood seriously.

Add that history with the show with the unfortunate fact COVID-19 variants are on the rise.

We know the L.A. Auto Show is scheduled to kick off Nov. 18.

In recent years, Acura used the L.A. Auto Show to unveil their ILX refresh, RLX and RLX Sport Hybrid, and TSX.

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If Acura has plans to make world debuts of their Integra, the L.A. Auto Show is probably where they’d do it.

But, with Covid still a factor (look at the NYIAS cancellation) Acura might be hedging their bets away from a traditional auto show to something outdoors or digital.

Radwood SoCal, an outdoor show, a venue Acura has a stake in, is Nov. 20.

With the Integra aimed at a younger crowd as a sport compact entry point for Honda’s luxury brand, a Radwood debut of its concept makes that much more sense.

We also can’t count out an ILX concept debut. If you’ve read my other post, we know Acura is cooking up a replacement for their ILX, which is, according to Acura VP and brand officer Jon Ikeda, not going to be the Integra. The ILX bows out after MY 2022.

Although we’ve heard little about when ILX replacement news from Acura is coming, those in the know expect it to drop before year’s end.

So, will Acura debut their Integra, ILX replacement, or concepts of either? Your guess is as good as mine.

Acura also might just bring out another restomod, which, if they do, would be just as rad.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.



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