Initial rumors have a dealership tacking on a triple-digit markup, increasing an NSX Type S price nearly 60 percent.

If you’ve got your eye on the new 2022 Acura NSX Type S, you’re going to want to get your name on a waiting list ASAP.

According to one prospective shopper (who shall remain unnamed) who saw the NSX Type S in person, a sales associate from his local Acura dealership (Cardinaleway Acura in Las Vegas) informed him they’re asking $100,000 extra.

This is what he said verbatim,

“$100k over MSRP is what they just told me today. No wonder Acura can’t sell these cars. These dealers are clueless.”

This is in stark contrast to several other NSX Type S shoppers who claim to have secured a spot on their dealerships waiting lists for MSRP.

Check out one conversation claiming that below.

To get the rumor mill going even more on how high demand for these Type Ss are, another prospective Type S shopper mentions all 70 Gotham Gray Type Ss are already all mentioned for.

Here’s his claim below.

Why are dealerships adding so much markup?

The Type S will be the last batch of runs for the second gen NSX and is rumored to be the last gas NSX ever.

Acura is only making 350 Type Ss, 300 slated for the United States.

2022 Acura NSX Type S

MSRP is $169,000, $182,500 with the Lightweight Package.

According to a thread on NSX Prime, these Type Ss will be allocated based on how many NSXs a dealership has sold before.

  • Top 30 stores in terms of NSX/PMC edition sales volume will receive 2 guaranteed allocations
  • Stores 31-70 will receive 1 guaranteed slot.
  • Any stores outside the top 70 and any extra orders that the top 70 place will be wait-listed for the remaining <200 slots.
  • $10,000 deposit required by Acura at the time that the order is placed.

While non-Type S NSXs haven’t sold well, Acura is setting up this limited edition model with an actual performance upgrade (Because type S) to sell out within weeks, if not sooner.

As of this writing, Acura is already close to allocating all available Type Ss to eligible NSX dealerships.

How can I find an NSX Type S that isn’t marked up so outrageously?

My best advice to find NSX Type Ss at or near MSRP is to leverage the internet by joining relevant NSX groups with members also considering buying a Type S.

They’ll already have discussions on their Type S shopping experiences and can give you advice on where to go, how to get your name on the waiting list, and warnings on what dealerships to avoid.

Check out-

Acura’s throwing NSX dealerships a bone here. Look at the Civic Type R LE.

NSX dealerships invested a significant amount of money for training, special tools, and qualified employees to sell and service their supercar.

To date, Acura’s only sold 1,497 over six years.

While Acura says the NSX has fulfilled its mission as a halo car, their dealers probably would’ve appreciated more sales and service.

Consider the Civic Type R LE, limited to 1000 LEs, some dealerships added as much as $25,000 ADM.

It’s much of the same with this Type S.

While Acura’s made the ultimate NSX, they’re rewarding those faithful dealerships who put in the investment with NSX Type S allocations.

Keep an eye on this page as I’ll update it with the most egregious markups on the Type S I come across.


  1. Can anyone provide me with a dealership name and contact info…… that are selling this nsx type s at MSRP?

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