A Facebook post sharing this FedEx driver’s hilarious antics went absolutely viral.

Alabama resident Rachael Suzanne McCollum shared photos on Facebook on April 1, 2024 (April Fools’ Day) recounting how she chased down a FedEx driver because of what she thought was a stray package left on the back of his delivery truck’s bumper.

It was only when she got next to the FedEx driver did she find out she’d “gotten got” by the FedEx driver in a hilarious way.

Check out McCollum’s post below.

Reading McCollum’s description, it sounds like she really chased down this driver in earnest, trying to get this delivery truck driver to SLOW DOWN.

“I literally chased down this FedEx guy while flashing my lights until he pulled over because he had a package on the back of his truck.”

The FedEx driver, probably not expecting such a dramatic response, stopped to let her know what the deal was.

As her photo shows, he whipped out a sign he prepared for this special day, which presumably brought a flood of relief and laughter to McCollum’s drive.

“This is what he did. What an awesome world we live in. I love those who enjoy life, who don’t take things too seriously and take time to make other people’s day.”

Since McCollum’s post, it’s been picked up by at least half a dozen other people, pages, websites, and elsewhere on social media.

Her post’s gone absolutely viral with a post by Latin City shared over 8,800 times with 1,800 comments and counting.

It’s a small world, as many on McCollum’s post knew exactly who the FedEx driver was.

This FedEx driver’s reputation for being crazy and awesome precedes him.

“This is our CRAY CRAY Uncle Chris!!! He is always doing stuff like this, y’all!! Oh, he also says vote for Mia Matthews on American Idol this weekend!! lol”, said Country Singer Trip “Worth the Wait.”

“That’s my coworker. He is awesome,” Teresa Bearden replied.

“Give this guy a raise,” TJC Landscapes and more added.

Many others in the comments replied that the world needs people like this Chris fellow, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Life and the world is already a challenge, to say the least.

To be able to spread a little joy in any small way you can, you can never not do that enough.


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