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Driver in Madison, AL makes a blind left turn without checking cross traffic and gets T-boned.

Madison, AL Driver Violently T-Boned On Slaughter Rd: Blind Left Turn Led to Crash

Why, if you can't see clearly if there's oncoming traffic in the other lanes, you don't go. Presumed Bammer and Redditor /r/SublimePanic posted up...
Alabama FedEx driver trolls Bammers with hilarious April Fools' Prank.

Alabama FedEx Driver’s Epic April Fool’s Prank Spreads Joy Among Drivers

A Facebook post sharing this FedEx driver's hilarious antics went absolutely viral. Alabama resident Rachael Suzanne McCollum shared photos on Facebook on April 1,...
License plate in Hoover, AL spells out Donald Trump

Clever but illegally modified plates spotted in Hoover, AL spells out Donald Trump

"The DO and UMP are on a bespoke painted plywood "frame" which is sadly asymmetrical and beneath the plate." Facebook user James Lee V shared...
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