“The DO and UMP are on a bespoke painted plywood “frame” which is sadly asymmetrical and beneath the plate.”

Facebook user James Lee V shared a uniquely modified (but illegal) license plate first spotted in 2019 parked at a Walmart in Hoover, Alabama to the KEWL PL8S & Vanity Platespotters Facebook group, a group that highlights interesting (to say the least) license plates.

This Honda Accord owner clearly wanted to spell out Donald Trump from the get-go but, with Alabama plates only allowing 7 characters, he had to get creative.

As Lee explains in his Facebook post I’m posting below,

“The plate is a Alabama Bicentennial plate which the plate owner has covered the “200” logo and laminated a N on top of it. The plate itself reads “ALD TR” and the DO and UMP are on a bespoke painted plywood ”frame” which is sadly asymmetrical and beneath the plate.”

Sticks out a bit.

Keen eyes will notice the temporary tag hanging in the back of his Accord’s rear shelf.

As spelled out in Alabama’s State Code in Section 40-12-265,

“It shall be unlawful for any person to mutilate or alter, for the purpose of deception, any motor vehicle tag, plate…in imitation of or substitution for authorized issued tags, plates, or validation stamps.”

The state code further stipulates first time violators are subject to a fine no greater than $100 so, perhaps, for this modified plate owner, the fine is worth it to rock their bespoke Donald Trump plates.

As you can imagine, any post that’s political in the slightest will bring out the heated and controversial comments.

Comments got so unproductive, mods had to turn commenting off (although the post is still up.”

“Wow, this is a new level of pathetic,” says the top comment with 349 likes.

“Defaced plate…parked illegally…blames liberals for both.” says another commenter.

“*sighs in Alabamian*” – commented another.

If you didn’t already know based off this one set of plates, according to Politico, Alabama overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, Trump securing 62.2 percent of the popular vote.

In my opinion, this is a case of no harm, no foul. It’s clear, despite the law’s wording, they’re not trying to deceive anyone, although the plates are illegally modified.

They’re just a fan of the (then candidate) President Trump and went to extreme lengths, like getting a custom ALD TR plate to make their vision a reality.


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