This is what the exact top speed of Amazon delivery vans are.

Browsing /r/IdiotsInCars earlier yesterday and I came across a video of three Amazon delivery driver vans in Ford Transits hogging the freeway, maxed out at their top speed next to each other for 10 minutes.

Besides, for the lack of a better term, being complete d***s, unnecessarily blocking other cars from passing, why do Amazon drivers go so slow?

Can’t they go any faster?

There’s actually a good reason why they go so slow and there’s unfortunately nothing they can do about it, although they, like these drivers are demonstrating, don’t have to block multiple lanes while on the job.

Here’s the video below.

The main reason why they go so slow, up to 70 MPH to be exact, is safety.

As the Institute for Road Safety Research puts it,

“The exact relation between speed and crashes depends on many factors. However, in a general sense the relation is very clear: if on a road the driven speeds become higher, the crash rate will also increase.”

Look up the relationship between speed and crashes and check out all the graphs under images to see what I mean.

Here’s a graph from a research paper titled The relation between speed and crash rate.

Left to discover the top speed of their vans on the job, on a schedule, no doubt these Amazon drivers will go above and beyond the speed limit.

Amazon is known for being brutally efficient, often up to a fault, but even they know it’s better, for their legal department and the well-being of their drivers, if they didn’t give them the full speedometer to explore.

If an Amazon delivery driver is using an official Amazon delivery vehicle (Ford Transit, Dodge Ram Promaster, and etc) those have a hard speed limit of 70 MPH tops.

If you’re on a long stretch of one-lane road in the middle of say Texas, and you’re behind an Amazon delivery van, you’re going to be stuck behind that driver for as long as they need to go on that road.

Without the fleet speed governor, these vans can just about touch 100 MPH and, if truly ungoverned, can likely go even faster.

Just check out this guy’s 2019 Transit giving it the beans on a long stretch of road in the middle of nowhere.

So, if you’re wondering why an Amazon van is going so slow on the freeway, check your own speed, they’re likely going 70 MPH and literally can’t go any faster.



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