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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Can Spoon Sports engines rev up to 10,000 or even 11,000 RPM and beyond?

So you've heard about Spoon Sports engines that can rev well past the factory rev limiter but is this true?

Spoon Sports discontinues its Spoon B18C long block, last one assembled

What you are looking at is the last B18C long block Spoon Sports will ever assemble. Spoon Sports has...

1993 Toyota Camry with boosted 5S-FE is the ultimate Aussie sleeper

This isn't your mom's Toyota Camry, that's for sure. Think 1993 Toyota Camry and most people think of...

NRG now sells a Hitman Steering Wheel rep, probably under $200

If you're looking for a new Hitman steering wheel and don't mind that it's a rep, you're in luck.

Tuners claim their carbon fiber connecting rods for Evos can handle 3,000 horsepower

Let's say money wasn't an issue. Would you install carbon fiber connecting rods in your high-horsepower build? Connecting...

Rota Slipstreams now available in semi-forged form

The infamous Spoon SW388 replica is now available with a slightly stronger design thanks to Rota Wheels somewhat new semi-forging equipment

$6,000 Nitrous Intake Manifold stolen during SEMA after-hours

Frankenstein Engine Dynamics had one of their Freakshow Billet Intake Manifolds stolen at Nitrous Express's SEMA Booth in the middle of the...
Adam Saruwatari

Adam Saruwatari’s NSX & RX-7 drag cars reintroduced to next gen tuners on Youtube

Import drag racing legend Adam Saruwatari is releasing fresh content chronicling his drag cars on Youtube and it's worth your time to give his...
Widened CF-48

These Mugen CF-48’s rebarreled to 14×8 is breathing new life into classic JDM wheels

Sure, you've seen these iconic Mugen wheels in their stock size, but how 'bout rebarreled and widened for a larger tire footprint? Mugen CF-48's A.K.A....
three piece wheels bad wreck

Badly made three-piece wheels results in wrecked Honda Prelude at 62 MPH

This Honda Prelude owner in Quebec, Canada is warning fellow car enthusiasts to learn from his mistakes that if you're going to get three-piece...