Close to two decades after the “last” new SR20DET engine was made, it’s back.

Mecury Japan website:

Japanese car dealership, tuner, and motorsport sponsor Mercury Japan announced earlier this week they’ve finalized a deal with Nissan to produce a limited run of SR20DET four-cylinder engines for prospective clients.

Check out their announcement below.

Mercury’s also published a Youtube with an hour-long Q&A session in Japanese.

A quick read through of the rough English translation says that Mercury Japan decided to do this because there was still demand in the Nissan car community for complete SR20DET engines.

Oftentimes SR20DETs are quickly stripped for parts leaving Nissan enthusiasts headed to junkyards and third-party sites to piece together parts, cobbling together a complete SR20DET engine.

SR20DETs, if you didn’t already know, are popular performance oriented and high-revving four cylinders tuned for boost produced by Nissan between 1989-2003.

SR20DETs gained notoriety when Nissan stuffed them in their Nissan S-Chassis cars (S13, S14, and S15) not mention their sporty FWD offerings like the Bluebird (USDM Sentra) and Pulsar GTi-R.

In S15s they made 247 HP and 203 lb-ft at the crank.

For these new Mercury x Nissanengines, here are the important bits,

  • Only 30 complete SR20DET engine units will be made
  • Mercury plans to make 3-4 units per month
  • Reservations open September 26,2022
  • Price is 1,330,000 YEN ($9,300 USD.)

These engines won’t come with a warranty and, as of the Q&A video, Mercury is still finalizing details how they want their manufacturing process to go down.

It’s safe to assume the SR20DET’s coming out of this collab will be crate engines like they came off the factory floor.

Reading through the comments on their post all over social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube) and, while Nissan enthusiasts are happy Mercury’s making this happen, many are disappointed so few SR20DETs are being made.

Rumor is race teams and legit motorsports outfits will get priority over regular enthusiasts.

There is also nothing stopping a new engine buyer to resell their engines for an exorbitant markup because why not? and capitalism.

If you’re hell-bent on getting one it’d probably behoove you to not only apply once the order books open but to get in contact with Mercury ASAP.

Something tells me all the units probably have already been spoken for through back channels hours after their post went live.


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