“With rising fuel prices, Barry couldn’t justify keeping his R34 GT-R V Spec II any longer,” the caption reads.

Earlier today, Eagers Nissan out of Brisbane, Australia shocked many of their followers and car enthusiasts when they shared that Barry, one of their supposed customers traded in a legit R34 GT-R V Spec II for a cheaper, less exciting, all-electric Nissan Leaf.

Car enthusiasts were enraged that someone would do the unthinkable, trading in a JDM legend for an appliance just to save a bit of gas.

In eight hours Eagers Nissan’s post was shared over 7,000+ times, garnered over 5,500 comments, and reeled in 8,100 likes and counting.

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It’s safe to say Barry and their dealership is getting a lot of attention.

Check out the controversial post below.

The comments are hilarious.

“Like swapping an oz of gold for a vegan salad because you couldn’t eat gold,” says James Boland.

He’s gone from fast and furious to just furious! He’s been well and truly shafted,” Ryan Hammersly commented.

But, did this Barry fellow really trade in a Godzilla worth close to $500K for a Nissan Leaf?

The truth is no, of course not, there might be a white-bearded dude named Barry who bought a Nissan Leaf, but he certainly didn’t trade in a Nissan GT-R V-SPEC II for it.

Anti-trolls in the comments pointed out that this GT-R in the background is owned by Street FX, a motorsports graphic company presumably HQ’d nearby.

Scroll over to their Facebook page, search GT-R, and there are several posts with the GT-R in question.

Here’s a post of Street FX setting up said GT-R in Eagers Nissan’s showroom.

In fact, it’s not just a “regular” Spec II, it’s a Spec II Nur which means there are Nurburgring specific upgrades (as an ode to the famous track) with only 718 in existence.

According to Hype Beast, the Spec II Nur means that,

…alongside the upgraded twin-turbocharged 2.6-liter RB26DETT inline-six engine comes a new set of brakes that are the same in the cars used for Japan’s N1 endurance racing series, a gold serial number plate, bronze-tinged factory 18” rims, a Getrag six-speed manual transmission and an ATTESA all-wheel-drive system, and finally, an electronically-controlled active limited-slip rear differential.”

The Spec II Nur H.B wrote about sold on Yahoo Auctions for a Godzilla-like $453,000 (plus all the taxes, fees, and importing it from Japan, call it a cool half million.)

So, no, Eagers Nissan is just trolling us, perhaps to drive traffic to their page and, hopefully, their showroom.

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