The annual inflation rate for the United States is 8.3 percent for the last 12 months.

Times are tough, that’s no question but, some people, like /u/_perchance’s boss can’t read the room and are more than willing to rub their recent good fortune in their employee’s faces.

Redditor /u/_perchance took to the /r/antiwork subreddit to share that shortly after his boss blessed him with a $0.25 raise, he showed up to work with his new-to-him Ferrari 458, used Italian sports car that still fetches six-figures.

Check out his post for yourself below.

Since this type of posts shines a negative light on who signs his paycheck, naturally, details are light.

From what I can gather reading his comments, his workplace is an auto parts supplier for, at one time, Ford, most likely based somewhere near Southeast Michigan.

“(I) work for a privately held (auto) supplier,” /u/_perchance answers when asked why he doesn’t unionize. “What would happen if we try to unionize?”

“Unfortunately, we are all so easily replaceable, he goes on to explain. Makes me feel powerless and like the only thing I can do is to go elsewhere for employment.”

Typically, employers in the United States will hand out between a 0% and 5% annual raise when not tied to any promotion.

Note that I listed 0% because it’s not against any labor laws to not give a raise, even when it’s well below the rate of inflation.

No raises typically happens when a business is struggling, which, for most businesses today, is kind of the norm.

While I don’t know how well /u/_perchance’s workplace is actually doing, and, by all measures, might actually be struggling, what message does it send to their employees to show up with a Ferrari 458?

“That’s so brazen to show up with the car like that.” /u/JustLovesSweepin comments. “It shows a real lack of respect for you that they don’t even have to try to hide the wealth you’re making for them.”

To be fair, Ferrari 458s aren’t exactly new supercars, they were made between 2009-2015.

His boss’s might be an older one, at most 13 years old.

Despite that, even used ones are expensive.

On Autotrader, a 2009 458 with a decent amount of miles still commands at least $210,000.

/u/_perchance’s boss technically did nothing wrong.

There’s no law that says you can’t bring your own property (the Ferrari) to a business you own.

On top of that, 25 cents is a bigger raise then some people got.

The optics of it all just looks bad.

If you could afford a used 458, you also could’ve given a slightly larger raise all around.

Then again, who are we but just observers trying to shame a boss for pulling a d*** move.

What right do we, or does /u/_perchance have, to say how he spends his money?

All I’m saying is, pertaining to this particular move Mr. Boss Man, maybe be a little more subtle next time, if only for the sake of employee morale.

And if you’re reading this /u/_perchance, I hope you somehow find a way to unionize ASAP.

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