If you need a to replace or overhaul your entire air conditioner setup on your R32 Nissan GT-R, you now have a solution.

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In the United States (at least) it’s been legal to both import and register a Nissan R32 Nissan GT-R for over eight years now.

There are a lot of these 30+ year old Japanese supercars around.

A big problem a lot of these Nissan GT-R owners face is finding replacement parts, let alone affordable ones.

Sure, Nissan announced a few years back they’re making OEM replacement parts but, a lot of parts aren’t getting out fast enough and some parts aren’t even being made.

New air conditioning parts in particular, like compressors, condensers, and compatible electric fans for the R32 Nissan GT-R are practically impossible to find.

Even the refurbished stuff, like this rebuilt AC compressor on eBay, will put a serious dent in your wallet. Even with a new compressor, you’re stuck using your old condenser, hard lines, and all the old wiring.

$1800 for an refurbished Nissan compressor. Yikes.

To put that price in perspective, a new replacement compressor on a modern Nissan is around $240.

New AC parts for R32 Nissan GT-Rs aren’t a problem anymore.

According to a recent post from Australia-based Frenchy’s Performance parts, they’re finalizing pricing and packaging on a complete set of A/C replacement parts for the R32 GT-R.

And it get’s better, A/C replacement parts for the R33 and R34 are in the works, too.

Click here to see their entire post, photos from their post embedded below.

” You’ve been asking about it, so there it is!! R32GT-R A/C replacement parts,” there post says. “Modern technology, smaller footprint, hardlines from the firewall to move the rubber away from big dump pipes, built in drier to clear up some space for oil coolers in the front, and a 11” fan that lets you fit big intercoolers! We are finalizing pricing and packaging, but it’s not far now.”

When asked about the how the footprint of their new AC parts compares to the factory setup, FPG replied, “It’s more compact, and has more room behind the compressor. Lines also come out the side for that very reason. We’ve designed it with big turbos in mind, twin gates, large drain hoses etc. We will release more pics and videos soon.”

And, if you’re worried buying from out of Australia will be a pain, they assured commenters they ship worldwide.

“We ship via DHL all over the world. We will also organize to have stock in Europe and USA to save on shipping cost.”

So, if you’re an R32, R33, or R34 owner with a broken AC system or one that’s just about to give up, it would behoove you to bookmark their links (provided above) and keep an eye on updates.


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