Florida-based Arnott Industries went shopping, got AccuAir Suspension’s inventory and technology pennies on the dollar, and will re-launch the brand next year.

Seven months ago AccuAir Suspension announced they’d be bringing the company through bankruptcy procedures and would eventually shut the original company, as we know it, down. Earlier last month, AccuAir Suspension announced that Florida-based Air Suspension company Arnott Industries LLC bought all the assets of AccuAir Suspension through a private foreclosure sale and would ultimately be bringing the company back mostly by name.

Here’s their announcement on Instagram and linked here is a helpful FAQ which should answer 90 percent of the questions former AccuAir fans have.

According to Arnott’s website,

“Arnott Industries is the global leader in aftermarket air suspension products for your luxury car, truck, or SUV. With an extensive line of high-quality products for over twenty vehicle makes, you can be sure to find just what you need to fix your suspension.

And here’s a video to give you an idea what kind of company Arnott Industries is.

As you can see, Arnott has gained a vast amount of knowledge, R&D, and product development to become the leader in OEM air-suspension replacement parts in the aftermarket industry.

In a press release posted by Arnott shortly after the acquisition,

“We plan to complete the business side of the acquisition, bring in the technical assets to our facility in Florida, and re-launch products in early 2021,” Santangelo says. “AccuAir customers will again be able to get products they love, but they’ll also have a wider and more extensive range of new products from which to choose.”

What this means for old customers, product dealers, and, AccuAir.

The gist of it is if you had a return processing after the bankruptcy was announced, or had an order or inquiry that was unfulfilled, expect all that old business to go unanswered (not going through.)

AccuAir Control Systems, as you knew it, no longer exists. Arnott purchased just the assets of AccuAir through a private foreclosure sale and it is now a brand-new company.  Everything that was in process and unfulfilled prior to the bankruptcy was handled through the foreclosure proceedings and is separate from the new company.

In addition, any warranty claims, gift certificates, and credits on your account is now gone.

When Arnott purchased the assets of AccuAir through a private foreclosure sale, that did not include legacy obligations like warranty claims, gift certificates, or account credits.

If you were an existing AccuAir product dealer, you will be able to sell AccuAir Products, once again, but will have to go through Arnott’s vetting process, whatever that is. According to their FAQ, new dealers should shoot an e-mail to sales@accuairsystems.com.

Although AccuAir is essentially a new company, the old AccuAir lives on by confirming they’re releasing the highly anticipated e-Level Plus App before products being shipping in 2021.

In addition, these former AccuAir Products will be sold again.

AccuAir expects the return of:

  • e-Level+ with mobile application
  • Touchpad+
  • e+ Height
  • VU Manifolds
  • Endo-VT

While the announcements from both companies reads optimistic, with only a handful of staff transitioning from AccuAir’s former California HQ to Florida, it really sounds like an intermediary step to just get the new Arnott division up and running.

Wether this new AccuAir will keep that level of customer service and quality their fans expect has yet to be seen but, with Arnotts decades of experience producing and servicing suspension components from any manufacturer that offers air suspension, this new AccuAir might be even better than before.


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