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Is the 2020 SEMA Show cancelled?

SEMA is cancelled for 2020 and rescheduled for Nov 4-5,2021 Update 8/5/2020 - SEMA is officially cancelled for 2020....

1969 Charger SEMA build hidden after murder, found after jailed seller slips up

The tragic story of this 1969 Dodge Charger once thought lost forever now has a bittersweet ending. A 1969...

Brodozers & lifted trucks wreak havoc at SEMA with handful of crashes

Instagram's favorite man on the ground at SEMA dropped a flurry of gems calling out brotrucks, brodozers, lifted trucks, and pretty much...

Fist fight breaks out at SEMA Ignited

Two dudes got into some kind of scrap over something probably super petty so here's some footage of the two going at...

$6,000 Nitrous Intake Manifold stolen during SEMA after-hours

Frankenstein Engine Dynamics had one of their Freakshow Billet Intake Manifolds stolen at Nitrous Express's SEMA Booth in the middle of the...

You won’t believe why there’s a wrecked Dodge Challenger packing 1,000 HP at SEMA

Bumper hanging down low, covered in police tape, and scratched up, you can't fathom the amazing story behind this wrecked Dodge Challenger...
S2000 with Civic Type R Swap

SoCal tuners building a Honda S2000 with a K20C1 Civic Type R engine swap

Evasive Motorsports is getting a jump on SEMA by readying a Honda S2000 with an engine swap from the latest Honda Civic Type R....
carbon fiber turbo

This is a carbon fiber turbo

One of the coolest aftermarket parts on display at SEMA 2018 was this Carbon fiber turbo. Sure, you've heard of body panels, large interior pieces...
Forgiato SEMA Maybach

Crushed 1992 Dodge Spirit was inspiration behind Forgiato’s burnt SEMA Maybach

This is the strange yet perfect inspiration behind arguably SEMA 2018's most talked about "build" Forgiato's burnt Maybach. Earlier last week I blogged about one...
Lincoln Navigator

Jay Leno gets his own custom Lincoln Navigator Black Label, two-tone paint

If you see this particular two-tone Lincoln Navigator tootling around the streets of L.A., Jay Leno's probably behind the wheel. Jay Leno's known for his...
Toyota Pizza truck

Toyota’s Hydrogen Pizza truck is pretty cool but totally not zero emissions

Toyota brought a slew of modified vehicles to SEMA this year including this dope Hydrogen powered Tundra that also makes Pizza. It's cool but...
S Apex Tesla Model S

SEMA 2018: Tesla Model S-Apex P100D allows you to fit a 335 tire in...

Unplugged Performance, boutique performance parts maker for Teslas, just dropped its aero package for the Tesla Model S P100D. Tuning the electric motors in bog-standard...

SEMA 2018: Honda’s Rugged Open Air Concept is an extreme outdoorsy Ridgeline

Honda's Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept is what happens when you take Honda's unibody truck and give it the proper off-road armor to really...
2020 Forte GT

SEMA 2018: 2020 KIA Forte GT debuts with optional 201 HP Civic Si killer...

Kia debuted one of the hottest Kia Forte's in the history of this car's lineup with the spicy 201 HP Forte GT. Kia took SEMA...

Mopar’s “Hellephant” Crate Motor is a 1000 HP 950 lb-ft Hellcat killer

No one should be able to buy this much horsepower with one swipe of your debit card but here we are. Gobsmacked, jaw-dropping, and unbelievable...
Forgiato Maybach

Forgiato Wheels brought a burnt Maybach to SEMA so I guess anything can get...

Standards, SEMA no longer has them. Update: (Nov 6, 2018) - This is the strange inspiration behind this "build." Are you looking for a SEMA worthy...
Lexus wine car

SEMA 2018: Lexus actually made a wine car

I can't believe someone actually signed off on this for SEMA but Lexus is bringing one of its sedans and they've outfitted it with...
TaleSpin Supra

Fredric Aasbo’s TaleSpin Toyota Supra Rat Rod build is JDM originality

Fredrick Aasbo unveiled his newest build, a Rat Rod style Toyota Supra with a TaleSpin theme, and it's honestly one of the most original...
Honda Passport

Is Honda’s Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept going to be the 2020 Honda Passport?

Honda is bringing something big to SEMA dubbed the Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept and I'm low-key excited. It looks like Honda has something with...
426 Elephant

Mopar teases return of 426 7.0L Hemi Elephant crate engine for Challenger, 700+ HP

When it comes to classic big-block engines, none comes close to the 426 cu 7.0L Hemi Elephant, a name Mopar is reviving for 2018. Big engines...