Standards, SEMA no longer has them.

Update: (Nov 6, 2018) – This is the strange inspiration behind this “build.”

Are you looking for a SEMA worthy vehicle? Head on over to Copart, Insurance Auto Auction, or your salvage auto yard of choice and scoop up the first car you see for sale propped up on concrete blocks because that’s good enough. According to Forgiato Wheels on their social media posts streaming in from SEMA 2018 (Oct. 31, 2018) when their marketing director said they’d be bringing the “most lit” car at SEMA, they weren’t kidding. They literally brought a lit car, this burned up, salvage title, hunk of metal, good for nothing Maybach that they bought for scrap. Scroll through the gallery of their horrendous “build” below.


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Forgiato, maker of wheels you’ll find on rappers, ballers, and shotcaller cars more than actual performance builds, is known for their outrageous and gaudy designs. So, it’s no surprise that they’d pull off something like this.

When I say they built this Maybach, that’s a strech. Forgiato literally bought a salvaged Maybach, threw on some wheels, Forgiato Orologios if you where wondering, and called it a day.

Here’s the kicker. SEMA actually let this thing in.


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Like that person with the photo posted above said, booth space at SEMA is not cheap so that means aftermarket companies bring out their brightest and best builds.

SEMA used to signify putting your best foot forward for your fellow business mates in order to gain some meaningful partnerships that benefit all parties.

Here’s the thing. While SEMA is supposed to be not open to the public, it pretty much is thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (kind of), Snapchat, and all those other platforms. You get the picture.

SEMA has become so oversaturated with high-dollar builds with companies going above and beyond every year, it’s hard to stand out. Before, it was the builds that got the most foot traffic that justified your “2018 SEMA Build” line item in the annual budget call.

Now, it’s what cars get the most social media impressions and what booths are “resonating” with the public beyond Las Vegas, that defines a successful build.

A “build” like this was bound to happen.

How do you get reposts on Instagram with your Forgiatos? You think outside the box.

So, while I applaud Forgiato for displaying some low hanging fruit like a burned out Maybach, it’s just plain tacky. But hey, you got me writing a couple hundred words about it, so I guess mission accomplished?


  1. I’d say it worked out for them, I’d never heard of them before ( and I’m a car guy) plus you are writing about them. Marketing is about getting the word out, and this was probably a cheap investment for them .


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