VW smartly decided that the T-Cross is just way too small for the U.S. market so they’re going to give us something a bit larger just for us.

VW already has two subcompact SUV’s it sells in other markets outside of the United States. There’s the VW T-Roc which is slightly smaller than the VW Tiguan based on the MQB Platform underpinning the VW Golf (and other vehicles) but we’re not getting that subcompact crossover. And there’s the VW T-Cross which is even smaller than the T-Roc and is based on the European market VW Polo but VW isn’t going to subject is to something that small.

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As per Car and Driver in unofficial talks with a VW representative earlier this week (Oct. 29,2018) they’ve got something a bit larger than both the T-Cross and T-Roc but slightly smaller than a VW Tiguan in the works that should suit the United States home market swimmingly.

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Volkswagen is trying its best to come out with products that suits the U.S. market and for good reason. Volkswagen has a large market share in the United States when it comes to its cars and crossovers. Although Dieselgate wrapped up less than a year ago with some lingering issues with literally thousands of cars drying up in undisclosed parking lots, Americans have by and large forgotten about that scandal and are buying VW’s left and right.

You’d think the strongest sellers in VW’s lineup is their Jetta and Passat but it’s the newly introduced large Atlas and Tiguan that VW shoppers actually put down money for.

While the Tiguan is selling just fine on its own, there’s nothing in VW’s United States lineup that can compete against the smaller subcompacts like the Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3, and Chevrolet Trax, all of which sell 2-3 times more than the Tiguan. Americans love subcompact crossovers.

But, they have to get the formula right, it can’t be too small like the T-Roc and not as bland looking like the T-Cross so I appreciate this news that VW is working on something better for us.

I expect this upcoming VW Subcompact crossover to come with something turbocharged under the hood but still use the ubiquitous MQB platform. While Car and Driver thinks it will be smaller than the Tiguan, it won’t be smaller by much. I predict it will be one of the biggest subcompact crossovers on market.

Look to the new Atlas for its design language inspiration, strong, bold, and not as rounded as the Tiguan.

Source: Car and Driver. 


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