Unplugged Performance, boutique performance parts maker for Teslas, just dropped its aero package for the Tesla Model S P100D.

Tuning the electric motors in bog-standard electric cars is still, in some regards, black magic for the average tuner. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t tune everything else, which is what Unplugged Performance has been doing with pretty much all the Teslas that have come out so far. As per our friends over at Teslarati on their report on Unplugged Performance’s latest project for SEMA they dropped earlier this week (Oct. 30,2018) the S-Apex is a custom aero kit with 19 different parts, along with a host of suspension, wheels and brake upgrades that turns your Tesla Model S from something that looks like every other Tesla Model S on the road into a wide-tired beast that has the performance and looks to back it up.

Here are some of the photos their official accounts showing off the S-Apex below.

Unplugged Performance is catering this S-Apex package for well to do clients and it looks like they’re not going to piece out the kit individually. It’s not like an average Joe with a used Tesla Model S 60D can go onto Unplugged Performance’s website, order an unpainted aero kit for cheap, spray it themselves and slap it on their Tesla, far from it. You have to literally fill out an inquiry form on their website to get your S-Apex experience started.

As far as actual hardware, you’re going to get a very exclusive 19-piece carbon fiber aero kit that, paired with the right ride height lowering plus wheels and tires, makes the Tesla Model S into a bonafide neck-breaker.

You also get their exclusive brake package, performance shocks, along with their preferred wheel and tire package where you can presumably fit a 355 wide tire onto the rears. For comparison, the stock rear tires on the wildest Tesla Model S are only 265’s.

What you’re really paying for is the compatibility with Tesla’s computer system and all that mentioned hardware. Tesla’s shocks and brakes all work in tandem to dole out traction control along with other safety functions, so getting those parts to sync with Teslas system is downright necessary.

Once approved, base packages for the S-Apex program start at $50,000, hence the inquiry form before you even start.

A bit pricey for my blood but then again the Tesla Model S is still a very new platform that some tuners are still intimidated to work on because of electrics.

Unplugged Performance isn’t one of those tuners.

Source: Teslarati


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