Arguably the drift world’s favorite rapper debuted the new wrap job for his Nissan S14.5 and it’s a nod to Rick and Morty unlike any other.

If you didn’t know entrepreneur and rapper T-Pain is a big fan of Cartoon Network’s “Rick and Morty” you’ll certainly know now if you catch his drift car at a nearby pro-am drift event. As per T-Pain himself on his Instagram feeds earlier this week (Oct. 25,2018) the Georgia based rapper teamed up with Midnight Wraps based out of Atlanta to throw on a wrap job on his Nissan S14 drift car that T-Pain could unmistakably call his own.

It’s green, has Morty’s face on the hood, and is the quintessential Pickle Rick homage, it’s T-Pain’s Pickle Rick drift car. Check out a couple of his and the wrap shop’s posts on Instagram below.


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#Project #PickleRick ??? : @nappyboydrifting ?? : #MidnightWraps

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One thing’s for sure, if you film yourself dancing in front of your newly wrapped drift car, you’ve got to be happy about it.

Earlier last month T-Pain took his newly acquired Nissan S14.5 and headed to Road Atlanta for Gridlife. There he met up with Formula Drift Pros Vaughn Gittin Jr and Chelsea De Nofa and got to learn the basics of drifting.

If you read through my earlier write-up about T-Pain’s experience, his instructor’s praised T-Pain on how well he understood what he was doing and pretty much labeled him as a natural when it comes to sliding.

Now that T-Pain personalized his S14.5, he can officially call it his. Here’s what it looked like before, a bit rough around the edges.

T-pain drifting
Chelsea DeNofa taught T-Pain how to drift

Monitoring his social media accounts, I’m glad to see that he’s wanting to invest more of his time than money into the hobby. A couple weeks ago T-Pain tweeted out,

And just today, T-Pain sent out this tweet, which is slightly frustrating to read. Give the man his skid pad!

Please, enjoy how pristine the Pickle Rick S14.5 looks like because if we know how drifting goes, it’ll soon be a Pickle Rick missle.



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