Frankenstein Engine Dynamics had one of their Freakshow Billet Intake Manifolds stolen at Nitrous Express’s SEMA Booth in the middle of the night

Update 11/9/2019 : Nitrous Express CEO puts out an APB.

Frankenstein Engine Dynamics had their new showpiece part, an enormous Billet Intake Manifold with a custom direct port nitrous kit installed, on display at the Nitrous Express SEMA booth. Unfortunately, someone stole their one-off manifold in the middle of the night and now they want it back.

Check out a couple of their updates below

This is no ordinary manifold; this one shares a design with serious pro-stock drag racing cars who want to get down the drag strip as quick as possible. These intake manifolds also are 100 percent billet aluminum with a proprietary casting process and material. Long story short, this one’s designed to suck a lot of air, enough for up to 2,000 HP applications or more, reliably.

With a direct port nitrous system hosting eight separate solenoids for maximum nitrous tunability, this combination is worth a lot to LS engine owners who the most power with room to grow depending on how much nitrous they want to add.

If the name Nitrous Express sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen their viral videos of their direct port systems spraying out biblical levels of NOS.

Frankenstein Engine Dynamics lists this intake manifold for $4,200 (This isn’t even their most expensive one.) Add on a Nitrous Express kit, extra solenoids, and one or two gigantic bottles of NOS and you’re looking at close to a $6,000 system.

FED did drop an update earlier yesterday informing everyone police and Las Vegas Convention Center security are taking this seriously with an active investigation going on.

At least they have a sense of humor about the entire ordeal. They’ve got T-shirts you can buy commemorating this unfortunate event.

For fun, some on social media are creating ads with this intake manifold for sale.

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SEMA is all about cars, customization, and the state of the aftermarket community. There’s no room for this kind of behaviour.

Hopefully, their intake manifold pops up somewhere and if someone’s caught, the better.

Supposedly there are cameras watching the area at all hours.

I’ll keep all y’all updated if there are any developments.


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