Bay Area commuters and this one Uber driver can count themselves lucky after avoiding certain disaster after this crash on the Bayshore Freeway

A Nissan Sentra hit a center divider, pin balled across five lanes of traffic taking out a Toyota Prius, and finally stopped after crashing into the back of a parked Uber driver parked on the shoulder of the Bayshore Freeway earlier this week (Nov. 4,2019) The circus was all caught on dashcam.

Click the video below!

Bay Area commuter Steve Mourgos was traveling on 101 North A.K.A. the Bayshore Freeway on Monday when a bizarre accident unfolded before his eyes. A lone Nissan Sentra is travelling on the left-most lane, veers towards the center divider, over-corrects a little too much to the right, and then pendulums out of control.

A Toyota Prius traveling in the lane next to the Sentra gets caught up in his sudden change of direction and spins out of control

The Nissan Sentra then heads towards the other side of the freeway until colliding into the back of a parked Uber driver, the driver standing outside inspecting the driver’s side rear tire.

The Sentra comes within inches of hitting him, the Uber driver falling on his back from the secondary forces of the collision. If he was standing a tad closer to his rear tire, he could’ve been hit.

This is how Steve recalls the incident.

Cars crashing in front of me. Everyone’s ok took CHP over 20 minutes to arrive.

Gray car hits center divide then across all lanes into a Genius who’s on the right shoulder looking at his rear left tire. The Genius was an Uber driver. He is lucky to be alive. Yes, I pulled over to check on everyone

Here’s the location of the crash on Google Maps.

Accidents happen every minute of the day in ways we can never predict. As drivers, we must have as much situational awareness of our surroundings on the road as we can. That means attentive driving, scanning the road ahead of us, and giving full attention to the task at hand.

Also, if you need to inspect your car, the side of the freeway is not the place to do it. If you can, limp off the freeway to do repairs. If you must pull off to the shoulder, stop where cars can see you, put on your flashers, and move your car over as much as possible. If you don’t need to do a repair, walk several hundred feet away from your car.

No official word on what caused that Sentra to careen out of control. I can only assume inattentive driving.


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