Two dudes got into some kind of scrap over something probably super petty so here’s some footage of the two going at it.

What happens when you mix thousands of dudes, their significant others, cars, and a skeleton crew for security? Well, fights like this. Some fight footage is making the rounds of two dudes going at it in front of a Hot Wheels booth for some reason and there’s really nothing more to it then that.

Here’s a couple of places where the match-up was posted.

SEMA Ignited is SEMA’s official after-party culminating a week long tradeshow with drifting, a car show, a parade of most of the cars in the halls, and just some good old fashioned fun.

From what I can gather from the Instagram video above, the shirtless dude didn’t take kindly to some trash talk coming from the other dude.

I don’t know why it was necessary to fight shirtless but OK. Las Vegas this time of year is in the mid-70’s in the early evening.

The crowd seems keen to see a good fight and lets them both have at it since, well, it’s two dudes and there’s no car’s putting on a show at the moment.

Only when the boyfriend’s got the man with no shirt pinned to the ground does his partner come in to add a couple of cheap shots of her own.

At this point some nearby SEMA people come and break up the fight.

@FormulaDerp on Instagram promised to upload some footage of some confrontation so maybe they’ll post something longer and someone can comment the full story behind this little exchange of blows.

Until then, does anyone out there know what happened? Let me know in the comments below.


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