Bumper hanging down low, covered in police tape, and scratched up, you can’t fathom the amazing story behind this wrecked Dodge Challenger at this year’s SEMA show.

If you walk by the ProCharger SEMA booth at this year’s SEMA Show, you’ll see a damaged Dodge Challenger on display. That’s because this Dodge Challenger was, only hours before the show kicked off, stolen, spotted, part of a 14-car police chase, and recovered all before the show kicked off. No, this isn’t a publicity stunt, and it’s 100 percent real.

Check out how the display looks like below.

And here’s how the car looked like before they stole it.

Procharger has a brand new Supercharger system for 2019 Dodge Challenger’s with 6.4L and 5.7L V8 engines where owners can literally bolt on an additional 200 HP. Partnering with Vermont based Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance, Procharger commissioned a one-off Challenger build featuring this bolt-on kit just for SEMA.

After unveiling the car at a private event and getting the Challenger professionally detailed, they loaded up the Charger using a local tow company for a cross-country trip to Vegas.

Four days later, Quinton Bros. reported their transport truck and trailer with the car stolen. They left the keys to their Challeneger inside the car.

Hours after they reported their car stolen, the Quintin Bros. started getting texts and social media notifications that their Challenger was spotted all over Las Vegas pulling off all sorts of hi-jinks including burnouts and breaking the speed limit.

The car thief, not one for keeping a low profile, eventually found himself surrounded by police. Trapped inside a parking garage, this is where **** got real. The car thief slams into a police cruiser, eventually escaping.

The police call in reinforcements where up to fourteen police cars chased down this 1000+ HP Dodge Challenger. Packing that much power, he gets away.

Here’s a news report chronicling that chase.

This happened all before the Quintin Brothers were actually in Vegas. Can you imagine how frustrating it is to hear all of this happening over 3,000 miles away?

Talk about a bittersweet reunion.

From photos, the damage doesn’t look all too bad. The front end might be damaged but it looks all cosmetic, repairable, and probably there’s no frame damage.

The silver lining is this car will get more attention than it would’ve had if it arrived in pristine condition.

I honestly would’ve probably not blogged about a Dodge Challenger with a supercharger kit, even though the execution is exceptional and noteworthy.

Hopefully, this turn of events translates to more supercharger kits sold and projects commissioned to the Quintin Brothers thanks to increased exposure. I’ve a


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