This Bayside Blue Skyline got a little squirrelly on this Texas drag strip and ended up in the wall in a matter of seconds.

No one likes to see a clean R34 Nissan Skyline wreck but that’s exactly what happened when this Bayside Blue R34 pulled up to the tree at this year’s Import Face Off earlier this weekend held at Texas Motorplex. Check out the gut wrenching couple of seconds below.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. The streamer says this is a RWD converted GT-R, he’s mistaken. This GT-R is not a GT-R at all but a GTT with a GT-R body kit and larger RB26DET engine swap. GTT’s came with RB25DET Neo engine and where RWD only.

I hate to bring it up but this is the second time this owner’s wrecked his Nissan Skyline and this is what it looked like straight from Japan before the first crash and an R34 GT-R Conversion was applied.

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With that out of the way we can analyze what happened during this unfortunate run.

First, keen eyes will notice he’s running on bog standard street tires. Without a proper drag tire on a sticky track prepped surface, street tires don’t warm up properly, even if you do a proper burnout.

Scrolling through the owner’s Instagram, it looks like this is a single turbo conversion from the RB26DETT’s twin turbo setup. When power hits on this gigantic turbo setup’s, it hits hard.

That’s what I think happened here.

With his tires not warm enough and not even in the sticky portion of the track, when that gigantic turbo finally spooled up and power hit hard, it just lit his rear tires up sending him out of control and into the wall on the other side of the track.

This is what the Skyline looked like after the crash.

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🙁 sad day in Texas.

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If he could repair it once, it can be repaired again so I fully expect to see this Nissan Skyline GT-R back on the road again.

People say driving in a straight line is easy, but you’d be surprised how tricky it can be. Do your homework and you’ll be OK.


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