A whole line of automated car wash users were stuck in the car wash tunnel, waiting for this clueless EV owner to get out of the way.

You’d think you’d have a smidgen of common sense in the twilight years of your life, especially considering you did well enough to finance a six figure electric Mercedes, but such is not the case here.

Presumed Floridian and Redditor /t/jdiebs34 shared frustrating dashcam footage from a West Palm Beach Johnny Clean Car Wash showing the harebrained moment a driver in a Mercedes EQS EV stopped his car at the end of the car wash line, effectively stopping everyone from moving on with their day.

Check out the frustrating video for yourself below.

How did he make it this far in life? (We are all on a track in neutral) [OC]
byu/jdiebs34 inIdiotsInCars

This particular incident took place at the Johnny Clean Car Wash off Okeechobee Blvd (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

If you’re not familiar with automatic car washes, you put your car in neutral and let the car wash belt pull you through.

It’s quick, seamless, and gets lots of cars washed in a relatively short amount of time.

A problem, like this EV owner shows, is user error, in this particular case just plain ol’ stopping without knowing you’re holding everyone up.

“This is an extremely busy car wash in West Palm that is mostly subscription customers. You pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited washes. Saturdays like today are always the busiest. There were probably 30 cars waiting in line to go through with a 20 minute wait,” OP clarifies.

As you can hear in the video, the line of cars behind this Mercedes starts honking.

Apparently, the blasting of the air dryers was loud enough to drown all that honking out.

Or, he just didn’t care?

Eventually, car wash attendants hustle over to let this man know to get a move on.

“I’m totally convinced that there are aliens walking among us. They look like us, they speak like us, but they have NO CLUE how human society works. Occasionally you bump into them and you just know. Congrats on your sighting. I mean, really, how else would you explain this?” /u/Aurene83 comments.

“Another one cocooned in a self-interest world,” /u/1illiteratefool adds.

“This is like stopping at the top of the escalator to tie your shoes,” /u/Disastrous-Peak-4296 replied.

Hopefully this guy doesn’t make the same mistake, again.

Everyone makes mistakes, but to not learn from them is a real tragedy.


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