If you see this particular two-tone Lincoln Navigator tootling around the streets of L.A., Jay Leno’s probably behind the wheel.

Jay Leno’s known for his enormous car collection with exotic this and steam-powered that but what does this man drive when he’s got to schlep around himself and six of his friends on a sunny weekend in Burbank? According to Lincoln Motors in their official press release they dropped earlier today (Nov. 1, 2018) Leno orders himself one of the Lincoln Navigators with a personal touch from none other than Galpin Auto Sports, local car customizers known for their quality work for famous clientele.

Seeing that this particular 2019 Lincoln Navigator was going to a car enthusiast like Jay Leno and was going to début at SEMA, it wasn’t like Lincoln wasn’t going to let Galpin Auto Sport go all willy-nilly with the custom work, rather, they had their own in-house design team play a heavy hand in what actually got customized. And, reading through the press release, not much.

This particular trim level is one of Lincoln’s priciest, the Black Label long wheelbase, which tacks on more than a quarter of the price of a base model Navigator pushing this Luxo-Expedition based full-size SUV to three figures, over a $100,000 MSRP before all these changes are added.

Black label specifies a particular interior trim, and, as the name suggests, there is a lot of black with plenty of dark real wood accents in an almost art-deco home theme. It’s very American luxurious.

Lincoln doesn’t mention any interior upgrades so I’m going to assume the doors will be closed during the SEMA debut since nothing beyond the ordinary was done inside.

. Exterior customizations include a two-tone body color repaint, the addition of darker privacy glass with a smoky tint, darker chrome accents and distinctive wheels. Inside, changes include new seating color accents, the wrapping of additional touch points in supple Venetian leather and special backlit sill plates, to name a few.

That’s pretty much the gist of what all Galpin and Lincoln have done. What results is a very pretty looking Navigator, one that exudes power and prestige, something that this brand sorely needs.

Since this is Jay Leno, I’m sure this Navigator will get its own video on his person YouTube channel so, stay tuned as I’ll update this article when that video eventually drops.

Source: Lincoln


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