Toyota is making TRD versions of the Toyota Camry and Avalon. I’m sorry, what? A TRD Avalon?

The world may cry out, “We want crossovers” so Toyota gives them crossovers but they haven’t forgotten about their sedans. No siree. Not only have they developed the best Camry and Avalon the world’s ever known, but they’re also making them a lot more engaging and exciting. According to Toyota in their latest tweet they published earlier yesterday (Nov 2, 2018) they’re bringing a TRD version of both the Camry and the Avalon. OK, I understand a hotter version of the Camry, but the Avalon? Now, THIS is the Toyota I love to write about.

Consider the Avalon. The fifth generation Avalon introduced in 2018 is such a refreshing departure from the fourth generation Avalon and that’s a good thing. Bold styling, more power (+33 HP), and not-a-crossover are pluses for the Avalon.

The negatives are really a side effect of its composed, cushy and competent self, it’s its size. Coming in at a whopping 3731 pounds, this is one big sedan. Even though the 3.5L V6 makes a generous 301 HP and 267 lb-ft, it can’t hide its prodigious size. It’s not a performance sedan, anyways. 0-60 MPH takes just 5.9 seconds, by the way. That makes it a low-key GT in my opinion.

This is where TRD comes in. Like most TRD packages we get in the United States with the Tacoma and Tundra, expect suspension upgrades like sway bars front and rear, sportier springs for a lower ride height, perhaps firmer dampers for cornering, and a better wheel and tire package. This TRD Avalon will be one of the best handling Avalon’s, ever.

Other car outlets are saying this Avalon won’t get a bump in power bet I disagree. TRD threw an exhaust at the Corolla! Why not the Avalon?

I expect a more free-flowing exhaust, an upgraded paper filter media, and perhaps an ECU tweak, altogether.

The most powerful spec for the 2GR-FKS, the engine in this Avalon, makes 311 HP and 280 lb-ft and that’s found in the Lexus IS350.

Whatever we get, it’ll be a hoot and I can’t wait to see the final product.

Tire Meets Road might be making its way down to the LA Auto Show where this TRD Avalon makes its debut Nov. 28.

Source: Toyota


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