Honda announced its pricing for the 2019 Honda Accord and although prices across the board crept up by a smidge, the Accord is still the mid-size king.

Sure, cars have taken a huge hit, taking a backseat to crossovers in recent times. According to Honda’s latest sales, their car division decreased by a whopping 20 percent. But, that doesn’t mean people aren’t buying Accords, far from it. In 2018 so far, on average (thanks to some quick maths on my BA II Plus) an Accord was bought every two minutes, so yes the Accord soldiers on for 2019.  Honda dropped pricing on its Accord for 2019 earlier this week (Oct. 31,2018) with the base Accord 1.5T starting at $23,720 topping off at $35,950 for the 2.0T Touring automatic.

But low-key, the Accord that people are sleeping on is the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid with 48 MPG across the board for its city, highway, and combined MPG with an MSRP at $25,320 or just $1,600 more than the base price.

Whereas Toyota goes wild and crazy going all angular with its new design language, the Accord remains relatively tame, going for a much more sophisticated and, dare I say, better-looking design for a mid-sized sedan.

If you’re in the market for one of these Accords and are on the fence about these new turbo engines, it’s the Hybrid that should pique your interest.

Consider that the 2.0L engine paired to an electric motor underneath the hood is virtually the same K-series engine that was also used in the previous generation Honda Accord Hybrid, so, you’re not really taking a chance underneath the hood. With a total system output of 212 HP and 232 lb-ft, you get a decent amount of power thanks to their improved Intelligent Power Unit, which, by the way, is 32 percent more compact compared to the ninth-gen Accord.

If you’re interested in how this 2019 Accord Hybrid doles out power, reading through Honda Accord’s 2018 Powertrain press release is a good read. 

And if you didn’t know, the Accord still retains its six-speed manual as an option. Camry doesn’t have a manual option.

Source: Honda


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