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1995 Lincoln Mark VIII

At $2,500, is this 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII a hot rod in a tux...

InTech meant this Lincoln was packing Ford's 4-Valve Modular V8 under the hood. One of the few perks of working as a car porter at...

Why disappearing car doors that retract underneath the vehicle never caught on

The idea of car doors that retract away from sight, underneath your car might sound like a neat idea, but there are several good...
Lincoln Continentals

This row of classic Lincoln Continentals at the Balboa Car Show is Americana on...

Welcome to Cars and Coffee Wednesday where we pick a photo from social media hashtagged #CarsandCoffee and write some words about it. Today's Cars and...
Lincoln Continental Coach edition

Lincoln goes politically correct, 2019 Lincoln Continental has coach doors, not suicide

Lincoln introduces limited edition Continental sedan with iconic suicide doors, or as they're called now, Coach Doors. In a move that fans of the luxury...
2019 Lincoln Aviator

The 2019 Lincoln Aviator has a selection of chimes played by a real life...

Lincoln enlisted the help of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to create a selection of chimes for it's 2019 Lincoln Aviator. When you see the 2019...
Lincoln Navigator

Jay Leno gets his own custom Lincoln Navigator Black Label, two-tone paint

If you see this particular two-tone Lincoln Navigator tootling around the streets of L.A., Jay Leno's probably behind the wheel. Jay Leno's known for his...

Hennessey HPE600 Lincoln Navigator, the state of American muscle distilled into an SUV

If you're looking for an SUV that literally does it all and goes like stink wrapped in a tuxedo it would behoove you to...
Lincoln Futura

Lincoln Futura Replica spotted casually parked in Temecula, California

Even by California car spotting standards, this one's pretty rare. You come across some rare cars if you stroll around Southern California long enough but...
Lowrider hopper

This lowrider hopper skimped out on reinforcements, you won’t believe what happens next

This lowrider putting on a show for this California crowd is going to have to go back to the drawing board after his suspension...
Lincoln Nautilus

The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is the MKX with a Continental nose

Lincoln has almost completed its lineup with the new Continental nose introducing the Nautilus earlier today at the LA Auto Show. Earlier yesterday I predicted,...
Lincoln Motors

Refreshed 2019 Lincoln MKX teased ahead of the LA Auto Show

The LA Auto show is just around the corner and Lincoln Motors just dropped a small teaser video of what's probably their refreshed 2019...

Texas Instruments, known for calculators, now also makes a sweet heads up display

Apparently, Texas Instruments has been using that sweet TI-83 and TI-84 revenue and is funneling it back into some great R&D, like this sweet...
Lincoln MKC

2019 Lincoln MKC gets a fresh new face a host of luxury perks

Lincoln's best selling vehicle in its lineup gets a much-needed refresh as well as a couple of choice luxury options. Lincoln's best selling product in...

NYIAS: 2018 Lincoln Navigator is a 450 HP Escalade slayer

Lincoln officially unveiled its 2018 Lincoln Navigator with more power and refined looks. It used to be that you could graft a Lincoln grille on...
Lincoln Motor Co.

Lincoln says 10 percent growth in U.S. due to stellar customer service experience

Detroit News took some time to investigate why Lincoln Motors is doing so well as of late in the United States and Lincoln credits...