Here’s a video in 4K, what can go wrong when using a scissor jack you find with your temporary spare tire.

Members of the Candian band RYYZN are getting absolutely roasted online after they posted up a video of them attempting to change a tire, catching the surprising moment the scissor jack they were using fails spectacularly in 4K.

Check out their Instagram video below.

As of this blog post, their video’s racked up over 1.1 million views, 26,000 likes and 3,000 comments and counting.

The video’s captioned, “How many musicians does it take to change a tire?”

As you can see in their video, they’re changing, presumably, a flat tire on the front of a red Lincoln MKT crossover.

They seem to be at the point where they’ve successfully loosened the lugs on the front wheel and are taking the wheel off to swap out for the spare.

What they find out in real time is, when you take off a wheel and tire, a combo that weighs at least 50+ pounds, that slight weight shift can throw the balance off a jacked vehicle.

If improperly secured, which I suspect is this case here, what happens next is a result.

We see their Lincoln MKT shift backwards, causing the crossover to fall on its front wheel suspension components, possibly damaging them.

Keen eyes will notice one of the band members almost get their fingers crushed, too.

Yikes! God forbid he’s a guitarist where he needs his phalanges.

This band member almost loses his fingers.

“It’s gone, dude.”


“It’s OK, we’ll just lift if back up.”

When using a scissor jack like this, best practices include making sure your car is on level ground, and securing one or more rear wheels to prevent the vehicle from doing exactly this, rolling forward or backwards.

In an emergency situation, engaging your parking brake, which stops the rear wheels from moving, is what’s recommended and is probably what these fellows didn’t do.

Above all, under no circumstances should you crawl underneath a vehicle supported by a scissor jack like this alone.

These were meant for changing tires, only.

“It’s astonishing how many men can’t change a tire,” @Devingelanznikas comments.

“Luckily, no nails were broken,” @El52Oldsmobile humorously added.

“Do yourself a favor and buy a portable floor jack to replace the one that comes with your car. Those things suck,” @Austin.b.903 recommended.

Force = mass x acceleration.

Keeping that and the force of gravity in mind, a falling vehicle is carrying a massive amount of force behind it.

There’s only one way to jack up a car, and it’s following best practices, doing it the right way.


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