Welcome to Cars and Coffee Wednesday where we pick a photo from social media hashtagged #CarsandCoffee and write some words about it.

Today’s Cars and Coffee Wednesday post comes to us via @Balboacarshow on Instagram and boy, do they have a treat for us in this photo below, not one, not two, not three classic Lincoln Continentals, but five of them in a row which is rare to see in the wild all at the same time. Some are lowered, some are at stock height but all of them are looking minty fresh for what is a good looking #CarsAndCoffee post if I ever saw one.

Check out the post for yourself below.

I’m not even entirely sure if this particular photo was taken during their most recent Cars and Coffee since literally every day in sunny San Diego looks as good as it does in the photo but I’m going to assume since it was posted today, it was.

Most likely, all five of these Lincoln owners all know each other since Continentals in the wild are few and far between. And if there’s any place in the entire world you’ll find a gaggle of Lincoln Continentals, it’s going to be Southern California, home to thousands of classic car owners doing their best to preserve these rolling pieces of Americana because they love it and also for posterities sake.

Lincoln Continentals, like these, are well-preserved, in my opinion, because the Continental, while some came with honking 7.6L V8’s, they weren’t really built to carve canyons, they were full-size American luxury cars. With the biggest examples weighing in at 5,700 pounds or close to three tons, even today, they aren’t hotrodded like Mustangs or Camaros. It’s just not the Continental style.

So, it warms my heart to see so many parked together like this.

And while we’re talking about this particular car show, what a gem of a car show. The Balboa Car Show runs every Sunday from 7-9 a.m. and looks to be year round. Looking at Google maps, this one has a small venue with not many spaces so it looks quite cozy and intimate as far as Cars and Coffee’s go.

If I ever visit SD, I might stop by!

Source: @BalboaCarShow


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