Watch this brodozer pull out a stranded Toyota Tundra and give it a new paint job all at the same time.

This Toyota Tundra might’ve saved a couple hundred dollars from being properly towed out but he might have to check out his ladder frame to make sure everything’s OK underneath after this Ford F-350 dually bro-dozer/ good Samaritan gave it a new mud paint job helping him out of a ditch. According to F-350 owner Beau Alan Rogel and his random act of kindness he posted about earlier today (Jan 1, 2019) this Toyota Tundra was in need of help and preferred not to call the tow yard accepting the assistance of Good Samaritan Beau and his Ford dually. He might’ve been better off calling a tow truck as the Beau’s vieo and photos shows.

There aren’t many details to the story but it looks like this Toyota Tundra careened off a highway either to avoid something or perhaps it was a case of plain inattentiveness. The Tundra found itself stuck in a ditch much larger than you normally think a ditch is, it was stuck down there pretty deep. It looks like the Tundra tried its best to drive out but managed to dig itself deeper into the mud getting further stuck.

I don’t know if this F350 owner knows this Tundra driver or if the Tundra driver flagged him down but what happens next is the stuff of towing legend. With the ground soft and slippery because, well, it’s a ditch and that’s what ditches do, collect water, there was little traction for either vehicle. At least this dually F-350 had some monstrous and mud grabbing tires on his F-350 because despite it being less than ideal towing conditions, with brute force, he towed that Tundra out.

All the while, the Tundra was getting absolutely caked in mud and dirt. The after photos speak for themselves.

Now, I’m not a towing expert but I bet there are better ways to tow out a truck. Finesse comes to mind. This definitely wasn’t it. But, I can’t really blame this dually driver as he was just trying to help.

If and when this Tundra gets stuck again, I’m sure he’ll just call AAA.

Source: @Jussaxlt



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