Self-proclaimed Youtube star Beau Alan Rogel, of Brandon County recently arrested for going 180 MPH in public roads, updates his follower with a 23-minute diatribe against his trolls.

Recently released from County Jail for driving his Ford Mustang GT350 well over the posted speed limit, Beau Alan Rogel updated his followers on social media earlier today (Apr. 2, 2019) from the back of a truck he is currently sleeping in. In the 23 minute long video, Beau expresses some kind of remorse for his action, congratulates his “trolls” for finally getting him and tries his best to elicit some sort of sympathy from the greater internet by pointing out that his soon to be ex-wife suffered significant emotional collateral damage by this latest run-in with the law.

Thank God Youtube has automatic annotations because I wasn’t about to subject myself to the near half-hour, as mentioned, diatribe, against his haters, but if you so wish, you can watch the entire video for yourself below.

And if for some reason the video below goes down, someone already has a mirror here.

I could not even get through half of the annotations because by eight minutes, the focus of his narrative started going in circles so I safely assumed anything of value was already said.

Beau describes in detail how his wife, Christina Ann Rogel, and their three kids had to go through the slow but tedious process that is the law. That meant Christina, like Beau, spent at least a couple of hours in jail and their kids had to watch their parents dragged off.

It’s noteworthy to point out that Beau does admit his partner Christina wasn’t all that thrilled about him actively posting on social media, be it his exploits with his cars or otherwise. Ironically, by posting this latest update video, Beau is only further adding to the fire to the remains of their smoldering relationship.

A part of me wants to feel sorry for the dude but, sir, you were going 180 MPH on a public road. In the video, he even admits he’s done this regularly before and that this is what people with fast cars do. Normal people don’t do that, and if they DO do that, they certainly don’t live stream it.

Even in his live stream, which he still has up for some reason, he’s actively swerving and passing cars. Why, sir, why? That is the embodiment of reckless driving if there ever was one. No amount of Ford engineers can save you from the physics involved with a collision at that speed not to mention if any other car should be invovled too.

Thankfully, no one was hurt by his high-speed antics and everyone seems to be in good physical health.

Beau, if you’re reading this, take it to the track, my friend.Maybe make some better choices for your kids and, if you still want to win her back, for your lady.

What do you think about all this drama? Do you think Beau will wise up and make better choices? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Beau Alan Rogel.



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