How does a YouTube star react to Justin Bieber calling you out on social media? You cash in on the hype as much as possible.

Who knew so much drama could come from some Instagram comments but it’s 2018, a garbage fire of a year so here we are. Earlier last week I wrote about Justin Bieber popping up on Jojo Siwa’s comments on a whim and it looks like the Internet became really invested in this Internet drama. As per Jojo Siwa and her posts shortly after (Dec. 31, 2018) it looks like her parents did everything they could to get the Biebs attention in a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram.

Check out her masterclass diplomacy below.

If you don’t already know, teen Youtube Star Jojo Siwa got a new 4-series convertible in the most heinous wrap job that includes her face on the hood. Business, amirite? Justin Bieber told her to, “Burn it” in the comments and Jojo Siwa really ran with it.

First, she tweeted out “Burn it” and pinned it to her Twitter for extra attention. It’s been RT’d thousands of times and liked even more. That’s a good start.

At one point, she posted to her Instagram stories earlier yesterday, a copy of it below. Right around that point, all her fans want to defend their “queen” and presumably starts tweeting at Justin Bieber telling him how awful he is.

And the real pièce de résistance has to be her Instagram post where she puts a life-sized cutout in her new BMW with her.

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burn it

A post shared by JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) on

It could’ve all been nothing, really. Siwa could’ve continued sharing anything and everything about her BMW 4-series and left it at that, not acknowledging Bieber. Even a ride with Josh Peck registered next to nothing on the social media meter. And then, jackpot. The Biebs responded, adding even more credibility to this slip up from Justin Bieber. His PR team probably said, “you should apologize but go ahead and do it however you like.”

I totally agree with you Justin. The cars and the colors, I don’t like it.

It’s a game people and Jojo knows how to play it right. I hate that I actually know what’s going on but it is what it is. Bieber comes in with a mean comment and Justin might as well have given Jojo Siwa a Christmas gift because she ran with it. What did this bring her? More followers, more Youtube subscribers, and positive attention. How dare someone act mean to poor lil’ Jojo Siwa?

Well played, Jojo.

Source: Justin Bieber Twitter


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