Jojo Siwa shared her new 4-series convertible on Instagram and Justin Bieber himself popped up with quite a rude comment.

JoJo Siwa just turned 16 and in the state of California, that means if you’ve had your provisional driver’s license for at least six months, taken 50 hours of driver’s training, and successfully passed your driver’s license test, technically, you’re allowed to drive on your own. To celebrate this momentous occasion, according to JoJo’s personal Instagram earlier yesterday (Dec. 27, 2018) her parent’s surprised her, in the wee hours of the morning as per her vlog below, with a brand new BMW 4-series convertible.

This is no ordinary BMW 4-series convertible, oh no. This BMW 4-series convertible was given a custom wrap job in Jojo Siwa’s iconic style, a mixture of Lisa Frank and if a unicorn’s rainbow had a color theme. The wheels are also sporting a one-off custom paint job. Thanks to West Coast Customs, synonymous with hooking up Youtube’s most famous clientele with unique wrap jobs and car customizations, no one will mistake who’s behind the wheel of this particular BMW.

As mentioned in the title, a familiar name popped up in the Instagram comments, Canada’s gift to the world, the Biebs himself. For some reason, Bieber told Siwa to “burn it (her new BMW 4-series”) three times! Here’s a screenshot of what that looked like below.


It looks like Jojo’s mom popped up in the comments and replied, telling the Biebs to “burn your own things.”

As to why Justin Bieber took the time to comment something so rude, who knows? To be honest, that wrap job, to the uninitiated, is a complete eyesore. I’m going to guess Jojo’s demographic is teen girls under 16. So quite literally, Justin Bieber might want Jojo Siwa to, “Burn it.” With so many likes and people agreeing with him, I don’t think people want her to LITERALLY burn her new car, but I think we all share the same sentiment.

Hate it all you want but this car and that wrap job are all about maximizing her return. Her parents, the legal owners of the car, can write off expenses attached to this car in their taxes and as far as active safety is concerned, few cars can rival the BMW 4-series.

Congrats, Jojo on your new ride and drive safely!

Source: Jojo Siwa



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